Loving CTeen

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Before being involved with CTeens I rarely went to synagogue on Friday nights and all I really did was go to Jewish camp and celebrated the holidays. After my first year of being at the CTeen shabbaton in 2012, the experience of being surrounding by hundreds of Jews made me want to become more involved with my faith. By doing this I started lighting Shabbat candles every Friday and got my mom to do it with me as well. After the shabbaton in 2013 I wanted to do a new mitzvah, so every night I say shema before I go to bed. I also decided that summer to give up all pork. Going to the shabbaton this year I am ready to take on another mitzvah. I will be giving tzedaka every day and washing my hands when I wake up in the morning. Since my shabbaton I have worked more with my religious community and my synagogue. I do Shabbat many times a month because I just love to learn new things about Judaism. Taking small steps every year will help me in my goals of becoming more into my Jewish heritage. Meeting all the new people I have at the shabbaton and them sharing their amazing stories inspires me to be a better person every day. I love just being with Jews from all over the world and bonding with all of them on a different level. I am very thankful for CTeen.


Jamie Sheer (Orlando, FL)