Life Lessons from CTeen Xtreme

6 years ago eglazer 0

During my summer experience on CTeen Xtreme, I learned a lot. CTeen Xtreme was a trip full of fun and adventure, but it was also a time for learning and reflecting, beginning every morning with a lesson with Rebbetzin Manya Lazaroff.   Here are a few of the best lessons I took away from this summer:


  • On our first morning together, Manya taught us about “Waking Jewish.” Not everyday is a guarantee. This is why when we wake up each morning, we should take only twelve seconds to say the Modeh Ani. It’s only twelve words and when we say the Modeh Ani, we’re thanking Hashem for giving us another day. After we learned about Modeh Ani, we each had a moment to record a highlight from the lesson. What stuck with me was this: “Be thankful for every day that you are given, because Hashem thinks and knows you matter and you will do a mitzvah[s] that day.” Now, I have taken upon myself the mitzvah of Modeh Ani every morning because starting my day with a positive thought ensures a positive day.


  • Another lesson that stuck on  my mind was about Shabbat. Shabbat is the day of rest and it also the day to disconnect to connect. When we disconnect our phones, computers, and other electronic items for the day, we are connecting to the people around us and to ourselves. Shabbat is a day to unplug and connect to our surroundings.


  • The next standout lesson was about “Thinking Jewish.” Manya gave us something to ponder about in “Thinking Jewish.” Thoughts don’t just stay thoughts— they lead to actions and feelings! My big idea of the day was, “Our thoughts lead to actions to feelings. Our minds control how we feel.” A person’s mind is like a remote control. What we think can have big consequences on what happens in our lives. That’s why when put into a difficult situation we should think optimistically. Pessimistic thoughts lead to negative consequences; optimistic thoughts lead to positive consequences. That brought me back to Modeh Ani—starting the day with a positive note makes a huge difference to the rest of the day.


  • “Thinking Jewish” transitioned into the lesson “Talking Jewish.” What we think is often what we say. Now, what we say can either have positive or negative consequences because words mean things and cause what we and others feel. That is why when speaking to someone we should be kind. Kind words equate to talking Jewish.


These weren’t all we were taught. We were taught  about our souls, Jewish dating, keeping kosher, Tefila, and so much more. Not only will the memories from this trip stick with me, but the lessons I learned will stick with me and I will be able to think back to these whenever I need. I am thankful for these life lessons and what I have learned on CTeen Xtreme.

      (When you sit in the shape of heart because you<3 learning together)