Let’s Celebrate Jewish Pride

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By Sara Serfaty//M. Viejo, CA

When it comes to Israel, from the war back in 2014—Operation Protective Edge—to the riots in Gaza now, the presence of media hypnotizes readers into believing lies. Today, I did a presentation at my CTeen chapter, CTeen Mission Viejo, about why it is important to support Israel. During the beginning of the presentation, I asked my fellow CTeeners: “What are some rumors you have heard about Israel?” One boy raised his hand and explained that he always saw untruthful headlines. He told a story from a few days prior, that he wanted to show his friend how fake media can be, especially about Israel. The headline read somewhere around, “Israeli Forces Kill and Injure Palestinians [in Gaza riots]”; but when reading the article, it is told that the rioters had been throwing rocks and explosives at the soldiers. One point that absolutely has to be pointed out is that the soldiers protecting our home, are my age. Close to anyone’s age in CTeen. The soldier’s ages range from 18-22+ years old. The Palestinians are attempting to kill these teenagers young adults, and they do not have the right to defend themselves? If this was happening the other way around, if the the Israelis were rioting violently, but the Palestinians were just defending themselves, everyone would be teaming up with the Palestinians to protect them. Unfortunately, this happens too much with Israel- double standards. Israel is all about defense and not provoking. The “martial arts” used by Israelis is Krav Maga- self defense. We are not taught how to fight someone, we are taught how to defend ourselves. This week is Yom Haatzmaut: Israeli Independence Day. Obviously the Jewish people have been there for centuries, but after being kicked out by the Romans, we finally got our land back seventy years ago; and were officially recognized by the rest of the world as Israel! Israel and the Jewish people have endured these types of attacks for centuries. Just likes when we were becoming a country again, we are still being attacked by Arabs that want us out of the land.


Something most people do not know is that Israeli control of Gaza was handed to Palestinian government as a peace effort. Israel moved thousands of Jews out of that area in order to attempt peace with the slightest possibility. What happened after? The Palestinian government turned it into a missile launching pad against Israel, and continues to have violent protests. The headlines of these protests are always calling the protesters “peaceful”. Even though they attack and throw explosives and rocks at the IDF soldiers. The whole reason there is a gate separating Israel and Gaza is because of these violent terrorists. It was built to protect our families from trauma. Unfortunately children as young as only a few months old have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. They have to hear sirens on the dailly warning them about incoming rockets, have to see on the news another story about another Jew being killed by a Palestinian terrorist. When does it end? To a lot of people, being anti-Israel does not make sense considering it is the only democracy in the Middle East, the only country in the Middle East with freedom of religion, the only country in the Middle East with gay rights, and by far the most important: in today’s society, the political “issue” being brought up the most is Women’s Rights. Not only has Israel had full women’s rights since becoming a state again in 1948, but the women AND men are both drafted into the military; and both women AND men even train and fight in combat TOGETHER. It is also the fourth country in the world to have a woman lead the country. But, people are now anti-Israel because they are anti-semitic. By American government standards, being anti-semitic is being anti-Israel, vice versa. Because, they are denying the right to the Jewish people to have their own land. However, while we go through these tough times, we can also remember that the United States and Guatemala are moving their embassies to Jerusalem! Also, this week, we celebrate 70 years of being a country again and having our Jewish territory back! Israel is a blessing to the Jewish people. It was made for us, and it is absolutely our right to live there!