Kicking Off A New Year

8 years ago Leighest 0

By Jared Zimmer, Western Suffolk, NY

This week at CTeen of Western Suffolk we took the opportunity to cook for a family in need. With the family in financial trouble, and the mother having cancer, they are having tough times. However, every one of us put our love and time into making homemade, delicious, kosher meals for them to enjoy. I think I can safely say that everyone in my chapter agrees that if we are lucky enough to have food on our table then we should be able to give someone else that blessing as well. We also video chatted with a beautiful, young lady from Canada, fighting a brain tumor. We have all now vowed to raise money for Chai Lifeline and make sure we can donate as much as possible. I am blessed to have a chapter who has so much love to give. CTeen is honestly incredible and there is nothing else like it. I am proud to be a part of CTeen and have it become a very important part in my life. Every Thursday I know I have a place to go without judgement, drama, hate, etc…only love and generosity is associated with CTeen. I feel a life for a Jewish teen without CTeen is not a “childhood” fully lived. CTeen is not just an activity, it is a family. And I am certainly proud to be a member of that CTeen Family.


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