Keeping Sane During Quarantine

3 years ago Adina Ichilov 0

By: Mitchel Zilbershteyn

Quarantine. This phrase has been thrown around a lot recently, with everyone telling one another how important it is to stay home and avoid any social contact. However, this extended break from seeing friends and family during quarantine can really take a mental toll on people. We are social by nature, and depriving ourselves of human interaction can be difficult. So what can we do to keep our sanity during such an unusual time?

The number one priority on everyone’s mind is health. I don’t just mean physical health, but also mental health. You need to keep your mind as active as your body. After that full-body workout, try reading a book, or doing a task that requires you to really put your mind to it; maybe even begin to learn an instrument. Take this opportunity to dust off your guitar that you never got around to playing, and learn a few chords. If music is not your style, you can always learn to be a better chef. Personally, I have used the last few weeks to brush up on my cooking, since knowing how to prepare a meal is always a good skill to have. Finally, try to play some mentally stimulating games, such as chess, sudoku, or even a simple crossword; anything that will make you think. All of these serve as a distraction from the reality that we are living in right now, and will make everything seem a bit more normal. 

Just because you are stuck at home, does not mean you can’t be productive. Use this time as an opportunity to improve yourself. Try going for walks or jogs; they’re good workouts, and they can really clear your mind. Perhaps take it a step further and look up some exercises and try doing them daily. Now is also a good time to start a side hustle: with everyone at home, people are looking for things to do to make money, so why not start an online business? It could be as easy as creating artworks to post and sell, or some sort of handcrafted goods. You could even provide services, such as mowing lawns and doing yard work for neighbors. It is important to remember that motivation to do these things comes from within yourself, and you need to want it in order to achieve it. 

The most important thing to do during quarantine is to stay connected. Just because we cannot physically be with one another doesn’t mean that we have to completely cut each other off. We live in a golden age of social media, where staying connected is ridiculously simple. We are so lucky that we can call, text, snap, DM, etc. with our friends at any given time, and we must be grateful for such opportunities. In the past few weeks, I have witnessed communities come together on social media like never before, with so many initiatives already happening, and new ones forming every day. From Facebook groups to Instagram live streams, people from all around the world have gotten together to fight this. Essential workers are being praised as heroes, and everyone’s sacrifices are appreciated. New internet challenges pop up every day to keep everyone involved and happy. Zoom is basically the only thing keeping the education system running at this point. All of these and more are helping bring people together through social media, and its importance cannot be overstated. 

This is a challenging time for all of us. It can be hard staying cooped up in your home all day, but you have to know you are not alone in this. We will fight together, and we will win together. Stay safe, and stay sane!