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Our hectic day-to-day lives have brought us to this point, the first step of the Passover seder. But let’s not look at this as our destination; rather, this is the beginning of our journey. We are about to embark upon an adventure. We will retell the stories of our ancestors, recount the miracles G-d performed, laugh, sing, reJEWvinate and so much more.

As our Passover Seder begins, we separate ourselves from our mundane lives and leave all of our worries and bothers behind. The first step of the Seder is Kadesh, or “sanctify.”
Now is the time to overflow a cup with sweet red wine—or grape juice—as we stand and everyone together recites the blessing. Finally, we drink. This is cup number one. Pace yourselves, because we have three more to go!

Sit back, relax, and prepare for a pretty crazy night where we will transcend our environments and free ourselves of our personal slaveries. Get ready-this is just the beginning!