Jewish Birthdays

2 years ago The Connections Staff 0

Shayna Solkowitz// CTeen Woodcliff Lake, NJ

While secular birthdays are all about cake and presents, a Jewish birthday is a serious time to check in with our life’s mission.

Let’s just get right to the deep stuff, shall we? The day you were born is the day that G-D realized this world couldn’t exist without you, and every day you wake up, He reminds you of this message.

So what does a Jewish birthday entail? What are we supposed to do, and how is this different from our secular birthdays?

Our Jewish birthdays are a time for reflection and goal setting. What goals did I accomplish this past year? What goals do I have for this upcoming year? The same way a business owner takes stock of expenses and income, we also need to take stock of ourselves.

To bring extra blessings for our new age, there are some activities that we try extra hard to partake in on our birthday, namely: taking on a new mitzvah, learning (extra) Torah, giving (extra) charity, and spending some (extra) time praying on our special day. We’re even encouraged to throw ourselves a party—invite all your friends and be ready to share a Torah thought!

On our Jewish birthdays, we’re given an extra level of strength that we didn’t have last year. This strength is there to help us carry out our mission throughout the year. It’s on our birthday that we recommit to bettering ourselves and the world. It’s no small task, but if you’re alive, G-D has faith you’ll be successful.

Whether or not you stick to your New Year’s resolutions, use your Jewish birthday to check in on your goals and set new ones. So, how will you celebrate your Jewish birthday this year?

Do you know when your Jewish birthday falls out? Google it!