It’s (not) the End of an Era

6 years ago bbursk 0

This is it; the insane spiral of emotions, the joy, the pride, the friendships, and a little bit of  sadness is about to begin. The countdown to Shabbaton 2017 is officially underway. Not only that, but it’s my final year before I graduate and head off into the world…and you can bet that I am going to be bawling my eyes out, kicking, and screaming the whole flight back to Manchester…okay, maybe it won’t be *that* dramatic, but you get my point.

This Shabbaton may be my final one, but just thinking about how much I have gained and come away with from the past four years makes me realize how truly lucky I am. I have grown immensely and have gained so much from this experience. I have met countless incredible people while on these Shabbatons and each one of them has taught me an immense lesson. But, the greatest lesson I have learned is from the man behind it all: The Lubavitcher Rebbe, who is the inspiration for CTeen worldwide, who envisioned a world where youth—that’s us!—would be lighting the darkest corners of the world with our own flames.


With each Shabbaton, I have collected more and more fuel to help me fan the fire of my mission as as a Jewish teen. At this year’s Shabbaton, collect as much “fuel” as you can, as this is what will carry you for the year ahead. The Shabbaton is like a recharge, and I have seen first hand the power and the incredible energy it offers to each person that attends.

Being this continuous source of light and inspiration is something that we should all strive for. Once you see this in action by the Shabbaton by way of friendship Jewish pride and so on, you too will have the courage to bear the torch of light within your own life.

So, make sure to make the best of this Shabbaton, be it your first or your last. Take the opportunity to meet new friends and attend workshops; don’t let a minute be wasted. The chance to experience something great is within your grasp, so prepare for it; may we begin to bear the torch and carry it all the way to Jerusalem with Moshiach immediately.