Israel, Our Home

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Throughout the world diaspora Jews aspire to reach our homeland of Israel. With a very rich and strong background, Israel has successfully stood against the massive military campaigns enacted by our foes. It has stood the test of time, living on as an excellent home in which a Jew could live.


Elsewhere in the Middle East, where Arab nations constantly work to undermine westernization, Israel represents a progressive beacon of hope. Israel is at the forefront of innovation on a technological, medical, and social level, and it shows.


In spite of its precarious situation, Israel serves as a great home for people of many backgrounds, inclusive of Arabs; Druze, Bedouins, Christians and other varied peoples live in the nation as well, with generally no issues whatsoever. Regardless of ethnicity, people can find fulfillment there; this is part of what makes Israel great. It is a land of democratic freedoms in a neighborhood where those are all too scarce. Indeed, there are doctors, soldiers, business owners, and more of various faiths in the state, a testament to the opportunity offered.


It is true that Israel faces a plethora of challenges in the modern era. Terrorism, hatred, and media bias all plague the country. For me, as I’m sure is the case with many others, Israel is home above all else. Our people live there. Our hearts are there. Our minds are there. There is no tangible explanation for this – in fact, one might be considered unnecessary. I connect to Israel from my heart; it is a large part of my identity and this cannot be changed. As someone who has family there, this is especially concerning in my own life. Ostensibly, they face these challenges in a very real way every day. Nobody knows where the next target of attack might be, adding to the sense of consternation. However, Israel has always had, and always will have the right to support itself. It serves as the sole location in the Middle East in which all have the possibility to work in peace, and that is a reason to be proud.

Am Yisroel Chai!