Introducing Zach

4 years ago Zach Marcus 0

Yo. I’m Zach. I’m a rising senior from Basking Ridge, a small town in New Jersey, and I have been participating in CTeen for three years now. My chapter is relatively small (we only brought five people to this past shabbaton), but we have a great core and are still growing. The two shabbatons I have been on have been two of the best weekends of my whole life, and I love meeting new people every time I go. I also love our local chapter events because they combine quality hangout time with meaningful learning, community service or celebrating.

Throughout my life, Judaism has been a learning process. I started in public school until eighth grade and then transferred to Modern-Orthodox day school for high school. Just because I go to a Jewish school doesn’t mean I don’t struggle with Jewish pride in my everyday life. CTeen has reaffirmed my confidence to publicize my Judaism and to be proud to be a Jew. I also value the worldwide network CTeen has created for me. I have a personal connection to anyone I meet once I learn that they also do CTeen.


As for my hobbies, I am a diehard baseball fan, going to multiple Yankees games every year, and I also love watching and playing tennis. Sports are probably my favorite passion overall, and you will often find me playing sports with my friends when we hangout. I enjoy going to Colorado to ski, playing piano, and editing my school newspaper. English class was never my thing, but I started writing for the newspaper and something clicked, and I really enjoy freewriting and creating change from my articles. I am excited to join CTeen Connection and impact more people with my words.