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“There are Jews in Stony Brook?!” This question is a common one and I’m proud to say that yes there are and I am one of them. Hi, my name is Orli Richman of Cteen Stony Brook! To start off, I am 15 years old, I’m going into junior year and I am on my school’s badminton team. Additionally, I have four brothers and I love to read! Most importantly though, Judaism is a significant part of my life Despite not growing up in an ultra-religious home, I feel as though Judaism was something that was constantly present. We observed all the holidays and kept kosher at home and then when my brother became Bar-Mitzvah he, myself and one of my other brothers became even more observant. Today I am glad to say that all three of us have grown greatly in our Jewish identities.

I credit a big part of my Jewish identity to Cteen. My parents sent me to a Jewish day school from kindergarten to eighth grade and though I would not trade that experience for anything, it definitely made me stick out. However, when my Rabbi introduced me to Cteen that changed. I felt like I had found a place where I could celebrate my Jewish pride and make new friends. I started going to every event and enjoyed every moment. This made me realize that I was not alone. Then I went to the International Shabbaton and I became even more open and proud of Judaism. Finally, I became a leader this past year and went to the leadership retreat, where I made many new friendships and learned about Cteen connection. I am so excited to be a part of this team and to continue to write articles for my fellow Cteeners!