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Hey everyone I’m Barri Miller, I’m 16 years old from CTeen Bucks County Pennsylvania! I am very outgoing, loyal, and honest. I also love playing sports, socializing, and just goofing off. I am very passionate about Cteen and creating new friendships. Once I start something I am determined to finish it. I am also passionate about being Jewish and will defend my religion 100% of the time!! This summer (may 31) I got surgery on my back. It was a very hard time for me because I missed going to my favorite place on earth, camp. My doctor said I would have to wait four months to recover and that I didn’t have a chance to go for the second half of camp. This completely broke my heart. I then became determined. I was going to go to camp and nothing could stop me. A few months went by where I worked harder by doing as my exercise as I could and resting my back. I went back to the doctors at the end of June and he told me I was cleared for camp. A smile came across my face. I had one of the best opportunities of my life. I got to go back to camp. From getting hurt last summer to going through recovery all year and then having surgery May 31. I was able to be cleared by the doctors in half the time I was supposed and made my way through camp. I have never been so proud of myself and what I could do. And from this experience I have learned how strong I am and how to appreciate every second because things are truly earned through hardwork!! This year I look forward to writing about my Jewish experiences and some heart touching stories that I feel need to be shared. I hope you all enjoy my articles!!!image