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Going into my fourth year of high school, I’m definitely ready to test the waters of college and have some new experiences. However, I am not ready to leave CTeen behind.

This coming February will mark my fifth CTeen International Shabbaton. Sad as it is, I can hardly even remember my first shabbaton, the awkward little eighth grader I was struggled to make friends. Now, as a not-so-little and yet still very awkward senior, I look to CTeen as one of my richest friendship experiences.

Friendship in CTeen comes about many ways. I’ve made friends through leadership retreats, mutual friends, dancing in Times Square, and traveling New York City. I’ve also met amazing people planning events or just plain goofing off. CTeen has enabled me to make friends all over the world, and also within my own community. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t make a shout out to the Niggun Squad: Buckets, Netty, and Lil Macdonald. I promise the four of us will make this coming Shabbaton nothing short of legendary.

Just as great as international CTeen is, my local chapter in Toms River, NJ is amazing all the same. My rabbi, Moshe Gourarie, is the most chill and hip rabbi I’ve ever met. Our events may not be the largest in grandeur or attendance, but our heart is always in it.

I look forward to spending a fabulous year in CTeen with you all and I hope you enjoy my articles yet to come!