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I believe introductions are in store…

Hi, my name is Claire Segal. I’m fifteen years old (sixteen on Rosh Hashana) and I’m a leader from CTeen Bucks County, Pennsylvania! I’m a first-generation American; I was raised in a Russian household, making it my first language. When I went to kindergarten, I had to adjust, and here I am writing in English, so I guess I did it well.

Last summer, I went on CTeen Xtreme. Best. Summer. Ever. No joke-ask two of my friends who went there this summer. It was my first time away of the East Coast, and I didn’t know anyone else going. From landing in Denver, to hikes in Utah, to almost getting kicked out of a Walmart in Las Vegas, to banquet in Los Angeles, it was an experience of a lifetime.

Now back to CTeen…

This is going to be my third year as a leader, and when I say that this year is gonna be amazing, I mean it. My chapter has been through ups and downs, but we’ve never given up. Saying this, I’m determined to push our chapter to make it the best that is can be. I love CTeen and I love Judaism, so I love it when Jewish teens connect to their Judaism through CTeen!

I’m super hyped for the International Shabbaton in February, and I hope to meet all of you there! Until then!