Introducing… Ben!

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Hello, hello My name is Ben Bursk. Some of you may know me from the Shabbatons or general CTeen related things or you might know the most insane and loud chapter that is CTeen of Manchester if it’s the second option I sincerely apologize for the headaches we may have caused…

Now a tad about myself: I was born in Petach Tikva, Israel. I moved to the United Kingdom at the age of four to the great city of Manchester. I am a typical 17-year-old teen except for the fact that I am the largest CTeen fan in the UK. I first got involved in CTeen at the age of thirteen, while helping the local Chabad rabbi start a lunch and learn. From there, we went on to attend the International Shabbaton…long story short, we now have over forty-five members and growing strong! You can usually find me avoiding school work to plan events and think up new ideas for CTeen on a regular basis. Some of my hobbies involve photography, videography, Movie editing and also of course writing. I have recently been given the incredible opportunity to join the wonderful team here at CTeen Connection

I am looking forward to writing about my fresh outlook on life and Judaism. I tend to write about things that inspire me and make me really think about Judaism and what it means to me. I can’t wait to share this journey with you and the rest of our awesome new CTeen Connection writers!


All the best, Cya soon!