In commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day

1 year ago The Connections Staff 0

Alfie Joseph// Manchester, UK

Today, the 27th of January, is Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD), the time we remember one of history’s most momentous days: the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau a mere 77 years ago.

HMD is not only a time to remember the many Jews that were murdered but also a time to remember the millions of non-Jewish people murdered by the Nazis, and others that have been murdered in the genocides that followed.

HMD first originated in the United Kingdom but is now recognized as a day by many. HMD should be a day people are able to gather, hear the testimonials of survivors, learn about the genocides that followed and hope for a future where genocides aren’t present.

Every year a new theme is chosen by the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust foundation; this year it’s “One Day”. January 27th is just one day. One day at a time. One day in history. One day in the future. Most importantly, one day when life changed. For the 200,000 Holocaust survivors, this day was the 27th of January. That one day in the future they could only have dreamt of finally came true!

However, as we lose countless Holocaust survivors each year, it’s ever more important that WE attempt to understand as much as possible about the events of the Holocaust.

Unfortunately, mainly due to the pandemic, antisemitic acts are becoming more common like Holocaust denial. But thankfully, due to the thousands of survivor testimonials, WE can keep the memory of the Holocaust alive and remember all that lost their lives and fought for the freedom of the prisoners.

So, spend today remembering the events of the Holocaust and make a difference. Tell a friend, tell a colleague and let history be known to all. And never forget—we are not alone.