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By Dory Abelman

What do you think about when you hear the term “helping others?” If collecting money for donations at a store, or missing your lunch break for a boring school club came to mind, you may have the wrong picture. Helping others can actually be a really fun thing to do, bring friends together, and when done properly, can be a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. Baking cookies with your friends for the homeless, organizing a battle of the bands fundraising concert for a charity of your choice, or volunteering with your best friends at a Jewish Hebrew School are just some fun examples. Hey, you could turn a boring weekend into a really fun one! And you don’t even have to volunteer to do it – you can even do it through working some jobs. But we’ll get to that later.


First, let’s talk about fulfillment. What does it mean? To me, fulfillment means the satisfaction of existence; the happiness that comes when you know you’re doing something to give back. Expressed in this way, it is like a driving force of purpose one experiences to continue to live; and comes from love, successful friendships, and more. All those big words can simply be summarized into “doing good deeds,” which is something we should all acquainte ourselved with.


One way to achieve fulfillment is by giving back to your community. CTeen is here to help with all of this. Impact, one of CTeen’s new projects, brings Jewish teens around the world and within their communities together with opportunities to get involved in the field of helping others. These opportunities listed as “projects”, are each described in detail – both what you can do to get done, how you can get it done, and how it will help others. With close to 100 projects currently on their website, it’s easy to search for an initiative that interests you, get involved, and become more fulfilled in the process.


Fulfillment makes people feel happy and teens are both experimenting with it and looking for it. Volunteering and working are other very effective ways to achieve fulfillment when they directly involve helping others; creating positive change. CTeen’s Impact campaign is an effective way to connect youth with these opportunities. Using Impact is a great way to set out on the path to change the world.


When are you starting?