Humans of CTeen: Rachel Jarard

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     Rachel Jarad, member of C-Teen Cincinnati, is a sophomore in high school who will be spending a semester in Israel. Israel has always been important to Jarad, but since visiting for her Bat Mitzvah, she has been in love with the country. After having the pleasure of interviewing her, I learned more about the upcoming trip.



  • When will you be going to Israel and for how long?


           The program is from January 24th to May 27th, 2016. So four months.

     How did you decide that you want to do this?

           I went to Israel for my Bat Mitzvah, instead of having a huge party, and I loved it so     

           much. I have always wanted to go school in Israel, but my mom and I could never find a

           great program until now. .

      What’s the program you’re doing? Explain it a bit.

           I am doing the Alexander Muss High School in Israel 18 week program. It is a program

           were students in grades 10-12 can study abroad in Israel and have the environment as

           their classroom. It is very hands on and there are many field trips you get to experience,

           including: a trip to Poland and doing Gadna, which is through the IDF.

     What are you most looking forward to about the trip?

            I’m looking forward to meeting new people from different places, getting to go a

            different country, being independent for really the first time in my life, and having

            a new learning environment.

 Why do you feel connected to Israel?

           I feel connected to Israel because it’s the basis of Judaism, and I grew up learning about

  1. I also had an amazing time and experience when I went there for my Bat Mitzvah.

     Are you nervous about going to Israel with everything that is happening over there

          right now?

          I’m not worried because I know that I will be safe at the campus, I will be staying at, and

          I know there is high security.
Rachel  is very excited for her trip. Safe travels and have fun! humans of cteen rachel


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