Humans of CTeen: Cincinnati

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This past Shabbat (Friday, March 11th), my CTeen chapter hosted our very first Shabbat dinner. It really was a special Shabbat because this was one of our biggest events, and it was awesome to see how our chapter has grown. From the food, games, conversations, and just being together, our first CTeens Shabbat was one to remember and the responses from the teens were inspiring. I look forward to lighting the Shabbat candles tonight as I reflect on last week’s night of unity, mitzvahs, and of course fun.

  1. After spending Shabbat dinner with a bunch of Jewish teens, is there anything you’re going to be more observant of when it comes to Shabbos? (Light candles more, go to shul more, etc.)
    Samantha Winkler “I’d say after going to the dinner I am definitely going to try to light the candles more often and say the bracha before I eat bread.”
  2. What did you get out of Friday night?
    Jake Frankel, “Friday night was truly special. From the Chassidic discourse to the wonderful food, the Rabbi and Rebbetzin Posner made the night truly enjoyable and special. The discussions, through games, brought a warm and educational feeling to the meal. I got a lot out of our Shabbat meal. I asked Rabbi Posner various halachic questions, receiving thoughtful answers and encouraging discussion. I remember we talked about music in relation to how it affects you. I never really thought about that, but after that discussion I seem to be thinking about the effect of music more often. Overall, it was a great experience and a great way to enjoy Shabbat.”
  3. There’s always something high schoolers do to have fun at the end of the school week, why did you choose to spend it with Jewish teens in honor of Shabbat?
    Daniel Osona, “Because I was going to be with my fellow Jewish friends and it doesn’t happen often so why not have an inspirational Shabbat with people you love.”
  4. Was there something you learned from Friday night about Shabbat, what was it?
    Sarah Ruth Cohen, “I learned lots of new stuff I didn’t know about Shabbat and my friends.”
    Noah Kauffman, “I had a great time at the shabbos dinner. On Friday night, I learned exactly why turning on and off lights is forbidden on Shabbos, it is because you are creating a circuit. On Shabbos, you are not expected to create anything.
  5. What is your favorite Shabbat mitzvah?
    Gabrielle Rubinoff “My favorite mitzvah is giving tzedakah because it helps poor people live their life, and I feel like I save people when I give it because it gives them food and stuff and it makes me happy!”
  6. Although our chapter hasn’t always been very big, how do you feel about being a part of a group that is growing, and what is it like to watch it grow?
    Hank Loeb, “I like the fact that I can help to make the chapter what we want it to be. It is a lot of fun watch it grow because I can say that I helped to do that and it is kind of an accomplishment in my eyes, that I am a part of making this grow.”
  7. What was your favorite part, and what did you enjoy most about spending Friday night with a bunch of Jewish teens?
    Yitzi Rubinoff, “I liked the whole thing [and] a sense of belonging.”
  8. What was your favorite part about planning the dinner?
    Danielle Jacobson “Preparing the food and making the decorations because they really matched the theme and the food was tasty too.”
  9. What is it like being a part of a chapter that is starting to grow, and what was it like Friday to see how big of a crowd we got?
    Rabbi Shmuley Posner, “It’s amazing to see how our chapter doubled in less than two months! It is something that could not have been accomplished without our teen advisers and I’m sure this is only a glimpse of what we will see in the future.
    [On Friday] We clearly saw the power of the teen leaders. They took the project upon themselves, got involved and brought more teens. It is very inspiring to see how many teens are proud to show of their Jewish identity, and connect with fellow Jewish teens!”