Help Is On The Way! Five Ways to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

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  1. Julia Rozenfeld, Bucks County, PA


1. Donating Money and Food

There are many organizations that are currently accepting money that will be used for necessities such as food, water, and shelter, such as the Chabad and CTeen of Houston. They set up an Amazon wishlist with a list of needed supplies which anyone can purchase to help out.


2. Setting up a Food Bank

Turn this time into an opportunity to add light into the world by setting up a food bank with your local CTeen chapter and sending the food to those affected by the hurricane.

Not only are there ways you can donate money that goes into buying food, but you can also send food directly yourself. Turn it into a mitzvah challenge and see how much food your chapter can collect together.

Food from your bank can be mailed to: Chabad Lubavitch Flood Relief: 10900 Fondren Rd, Houston, TX 77096


3. Donating Clothes and School Supplies

The school year is right around the corner; many people in Houston now find themselves without supplies to start the school off right.  Even just giving clothes that are now too small or backpacks from past years can make the difference for the people affected by Hurricane Harvey.


4. Donating Blood

Unfortunately, Hurricane Harvey has not only reduced the amount of food and shelter, but has also physically injured many. Luckily, there are organizations, like the Red Cross, accepting blood which would help victims tremendously.


5. Helping Kids

A large number of children have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. Chabad of Houston’s Amazon wish list includes diapers and clothes for kids, too.

Yes, there are physical ways for us to help those who have been affected by the hurricane, but there are also spiritual ways! Join CTeen Connection’s mitzvah challenge and take on a good deed in the merit of those struggling in Houston.

Chabad and CTeen of Houston have helped flood victims throughout this devastating time. To continue doing this, they need us to donate and send necessary goods! For more information, visit their website as well as the relief site to offer your support.