Head to Head: Slavery

6 years ago Danielle Jacobson 0

In the story of Passover, we were slaves in Egypt. We endured backbreaking labor while we are forced to build cities for Pharaoh. Then, Moshe came around, taking on the job of freeing the Jewish people. The Jewish people were freed, and became their own nation. As time has passed, we have been introduced to new things brought by society.  Today in society, there are still things that we can be enslaved by, even without knowing it, or even knowing it and continuing to do it willingly.

Slavery still exists in some parts of the world, but it’s not as big as it was centuries ago, and it is very looked down upon. Nowadays, slavery exists in a less physical form and a more mental form. Technology, for example, can be considered a form of slavery. We don’t realize just how much it takes over our lives, controlling our brains and taking over our life. We are enslaved by it.

Technology is all around us. It’s in our homes and at the grocery stores, and even if it’s not around us, we are always thinking about it. We need our phones; we rely on them. At school, at home, wherever, we constantly feel the need to look at our phones and keep up to date with the world. It controls us without us even realizing it. People say that we are freer than we ever have been, but that’s not necessarily true; we are being controlled by something that isn’t even alive.

The one true day of break from technology is Shabbat. We leave all technology behind for a day of rest and peacefulness. On Shabbat, it can be our one true time to connect with ourselves and Hashem without any technology trying to influence us. Yes, we got out slavery in Egypt, but we are still enslaved today. Technology is one of the ways we are enslaved, but don’t worry-we aren’t stuck in slavery. In the end, we do have the choice to not be enslaved by technology; all we have to do is take a break every now and then.