Head to Head: Freedom

6 years ago eglazer 0

During the Jewish people’s time in Egypt, we were an enslaved nation, living by the Pharoh’s commands each and everyday. Eventually, Hashem took us out of slavery, making us a free nation. Although in today’s day and age we live in a free society, some may argue that there are ways in which we are still enslaved by the media’s rules and standards, while others argue that we are actually free.


Times are changing and so are ideas. The idea of what slavery is today isn’t necessarily what it was in our times in the Egypt. For example, some people feel that we are slaves through our use of technology. Our constant need for technology keeps us trapped and stops us from being ourselves, right? I don’t completely agree with that. I think that technology allows us to be free. How, you may ask? It allows us to embrace who we are by allowing us to be ourselves.


One major aspect of technology is the use of social media. Social media allows us to express who we are in ways that we never could before the development of technology. We embrace ourselves through pictures, posts, friends, and more. Another example of social media’s awesome use is that it gives us tools to learn and grow. For example, CTeen, like with Connection, has allowed me to post and express my thoughts to the world in a positive way.

Social media even allows us to breakout of our shells, through allowing us to meet new people and keep in touch with friends…  think about all the CTeeners you know just because of social media!


So, some may argue that we become trapped in social media. They may feel that it consumes too much of our time  and we have become stuck, but I see it a bit differently. Used in the right way, social media can—and should—be an awesome experience.