Got Kosher? GW Does!

7 years ago Risa Mond 0

For CTeen Alum Carly Meisel, taking no is not an option. Of the over 140 colleges in America that offer a Kosher meal plan to accommodate the Jews at their college, Carly found herself at one of the universities that does not offer a Kosher food plan. To oblige the 33% of Jews on campus stands one refrigerator infrequently stocked with pre-wrapped food, for a price that most of the students cannot afford.

“My first week of school here I saw my friends who had been keeping kosher their whole lives have there first bite of non kosher Chinese food. Simply because they were hungry, and they felt like they didn’t have any other options,” Carly recalls.

She spent her year using a blender, mini crock pot and microwave to sustain her choice to keep Kosher. While this option made Kosher food possible, it was challenging and not worth the time and effort.

So, Carly decided to do something about it.

Earlier this year, Carly, a few other students, and their Rabbi were sitting in the Chabad house Sukkah. When the topic of Kosher food came up, every single one of the students complained about the lack of options. There were many potential ideas thrown around, but none of them could be seen through to fruition.

But no one was ready to give up.

There was one possibility that came up again and again: A Kosher food truck! Food trucks are a staple on college campuses across the country, and GW is no exception.

Now, Carly, along with Sophia Brener, Yoni Kintzer, Rivky Steiner, and Rabbi Yudi Steiner are turning this dream this a reality.

Within a handful of months, their dreams, plans, meetings, and creative brainstorms lead them to a food truck consultant, a Brooklyn based gourmet chef, and a sample menu with dozens of Kosher favorites.

While GW did not offer dependable Kosher food, Carly did not let that stop her from doing what she knew was right. If your campus or future campus does supply a nourishable Kosher meal plan, make sure to take advantage of it! If not, no need to fear. Talk to your Chabad on Campus shluchim and make a plan. All you need is some creativity, diligence, and passion!

“I’m so excited to see where this takes us,” Carly shared. “All the pieces are together, now it just needs a final push.”

Now, after purchasing the truck, constructing a set menu, and hiring a chef, the group has launched a campaign in efforts to foster awareness about this exciting venture. You can learn more by visiting the campaign website here.