From My Heart to Your Plate

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You can cook your way into people’s hearts, nourishing their physical bodies while also nourishing their souls with love, tradition, and passion.  I strongly believe that food is the cultural bridge that links everyone together, that a meal is not a true meal unless it is eaten in the company of people you care about.  Based on my experience, Jewish people understand these principles perfectly.

Hi, my name is Danielle Collins.  I have been attending Chabad for about nine years now and got involved in CTeen after my amazing experience at the 2014 Shabbaton.  With the extraordinary efforts of Claire Marshak, Rivka Herson, and the rest of our Chabad community, we started our own CTeen chapter that has grown tremendously over the last year and a half.  We look forward to welcoming new freshman in the fall.

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I have savored every wonderful experience with CTeen.  Being a chapter president and a CTeen leader has taught me how to be a role model and an effective communicator and listener.  I have learned patience and perseverance.  Hopefully, others have been touched by my love for Judaism, Chabad, and CTeen.

Now, there is something I want to share with the CTeen community—my passion for food.  I have been interested in nutrition for many years now and love to prepare healthy meals for myself and my family.  However, I have only recently begun to focus on Jewish food traditions and recipes.

After signing up for CTeen Connection at the 2015 Shabbaton, I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted.  After Leigh Hershokovich reached out to me, that was it.  I knew that writing for CTeen Connection would be my way of reaching out to people and showing them the importance of feeding their Jewish souls.