Finding My Jewish Roots

6 years ago ssalles 0

During our teenage years, we struggle to fit in and find our happy place. During the first part of high school (I’m currently a junior), I spent a lot of time alone. I would feel lonely most of the time at school, especially at lunch. Most of my friends lived out of state, and I did not speak to them. Most of all, I was a minority at my school, and found it hard to embrace my Jewish pride.


I discovered CTeen through a friend, and with the encouragement of my dad, I decided to try it out. Little did I know then that it would change my life. About a year ago, I went to a Purim party where I met Rabbi Adi Goodman, our CTeen Rabbi here in Cooper City, Florida. Fast forward to a few months later, at the end of the year BBQ, where I was the only new girl. I was worried that it would be awkward, especially because everyone knew each other. However awkward it was at first, I loved having a place where I could embrace my Jewish pride.


The next school year, I went to the opening event and was so excited. At the event, Rabbi Adi talked to us about becoming a CTeen leader; I decided to go for it.  That started a snowball effect of awesome events: TGIS Shabbaton, joining the Leadership board, meeting teen leaders from all over the world, making friends with people I had never met who were just like me. Everyone I had ‘met’ has become like a second family.  Thank you CTeen for helping me find that special place.


To those of you still looking for a place to claim your Jewish pride, CTeen is a great place to start. Even if you aren’t a leader, you will find someone friendly and kind to speak to and become friends with. Don’t give up because you will find a place that will make you feel good. No matter what, don’t forget “I’m a Jew, a proud one too…!”