Feeding homeless stomachs, filling teenage minds

9 years ago Leighest 0

By, Arielle Menn

One of the most surprising lessons I have ever learned is that some of the most useful lessons I will ever learn come from a very unexpected source: homeless people. Last November, Jewish teens from the Seattle area got the opportunity to see the real lives of Seattle’s homeless in Tent City. Our chapter prepared food, drove it out to the Tent City location, personally served the food to over seventy individuals, dined with them, and wrapped up with a grand tour of Tent City.


This was no soup kitchen experience–we got to see the way people live two to a tent to conserve resources, and hear career advice from former ship rats who packaged salmon on Alaskan brigs. Interacting with these people taught us that everybody has a story to share. And regardless of the frigid cold and simple commodities, everybody has a smile to show and a compliment to give. These people are not coming just for food, but for a story and a lesson to receive in turn for those they give.


The most valuable part of the whole experience was learning the histories of these people. I hope teens across the country get the opportunity to hear the lessons and advice of those in their community who have learned the toughest lessons in life.