Eight Hamantaschen Recipes You Won’t Believe Exist

11 months ago The Connections Staff 0

Emily Fulton// Manchester, NH

The smell of Purim is in the air, or, more specifically, the smell of yummy fresh-baked hamantaschen straight from the oven. This joyful yearly tradition is enjoyed by Jews all over the world to celebrate how we survived Haman’s evil plot described in the Book of Esther. While we may not know for sure if Haman’s hat was really a triangle, we all have our favorite flavor of hamantaschen which is likely poppyseed, jam or even chocolate, but have you ever tried apple pie, pizza or chocolate chip cookie hamantaschen? Well, it is time you had! I’ve scoured the interwebs to find eight of the craziest, coolest and downright strangest hamantaschen recipes out there. Tag us on Instagram @cteenconnection with your new favorite hamantaschen flavor!

Click on the attached links below to find the recipes. Please note that Connections is not sponsored by any of the websites or organizations, but chose these flavors ourselves.

Trail mix, anyone? This granola hamantaschen recipe produced by Chabad is perfect for the CTeener who wants to get out there in nature.
Pizza night with your CTeen chapter just got 100 times better thanks to this BBQ pizza hamantaschen recipe from Kosher in the Kitchen.
I’m getting major fall vibes from these scrumptious mini apple pie hamantaschen. You won’t regret making this absolutely adorable recipe from Tori Avey.
Chabad knows where it’s at with this addicting caramel hamantaschen recipe that will leave your whole chapter wanting more.
What does a Jew do when it’s way too cold to eat ice cream and just so happens to be Purim? We make this surprisingly good Neapolitan hamantaschen recipe from What Jew Wanna Eat, of course!
Mmmm…chocolate. You can thank Chabad for this decadent gluten and dairy-free triple-chocolate coconut hamantaschen recipe that is sure to delight the chocolate lovers in your chapter.
Could it get any better? Your bubbe’s famous cookie recipe just met hamantaschen in this oh so delicious chocolate chip cookie hamantaschen recipe from Jamie Geller.
Cue the campfires for this ooey, gooey s’mores hamantaschen recipe from Couldn’t be Parve. The perfect snack for a CTeen overnight, this treat will leave your whole chapter asking for s’more.