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It is a universal truth that young Jewish girls, like myself, strive for a deeper connection not only with Hashem, but also with fellow peers. I am Elizabeth Svinkin of Columbus, Ohio. Let’s get the basics out of way: I’m a sophomore in high school, I play piano, I run cross country, I voraciously read and hoard books, I’m crazy about science and history, and I also speak a bit of Russian (,like most CTeeners, haha). I grew up in a sheltered ultra-frum (religious) community in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, and there I led a joyful existence filled with the colorful warmth and meaningfulness of Judaism.
Eventually, we moved away from this community, and I went on with my life. But something was lacking, and I couldn’t quite figure it out. When my amazing Rebbetzin, Esther Kaltmann, introduced me (ahem), gently coerced me into joining CTeen, I immediately fell in love.

I went to the CTeen Leadership Retreat this summer, where I was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from not only the phenomenal and incredibly wise rabbis and their families, but also from all the teens who were much more experienced than me. I gained invaluable life lessons, as well as practical advice that I can’t wait to put in place with my own small chapter here in Columbus.

I joined CTeen just this past year, and although I have but a taste of the warmth and connections that overflow within the CTeen community, I already feel like I am on the right path to finding what I was looking for.

Politics both infuriate and fascinate me, which is why I want to write about it so badly. I can only hope that the muddled mess of my thoughts on this compelling topic can translate into soaring words on paper that will captivate your interest and incite thought about the way that Hashem makes our mad yet wonderful world work.