Don’t Waste your Rosh Hashanah

5 years ago Zach Marcus 0

As school starts again and our lives are getting back to normal, we are suddenly interrupted by the unusually early occurrence of Rosh Hashanah. To some, it is an long boring day spent in Shul. To others, it is an easy way to get out of school. But however you look at the festival, it is easy to overlook the very simple, amazing opportunity we have in front of us. Lost in the confusion of all the high holidays is the basic message we are given: we are getting a second chance. That is something that is not common in life, and should definitely be appreciated. But let’s take a step back.

Why are we even observing Rosh Hashanah in the first place? It is a wakeup call from G-d to us to repent for our sins from the prior year. No one has had a perfect year. Whether it is treating someone wrongly or not keeping a mitzvah, everyone has their flaws. Unlike almost any other part of life, we are able to get a blank slate for all our actions and inactions. We have the opportunity to use this time (including the days before and after the holiday) to become a better person and to makeup for our transgressions. And how much do you have to put in? A little repentance. It’s easier than we realize.

So when you go to Shul on Rosh Hashanah, the birthday of the world, keep in mind that you have the power to ensure yourself a happy and successful year just by apologizing for your transgressions. Make sure you are being kind to others. Take on a mitzvah to keep for the next year. While it may seem that the past has no effect on the future, we have the power to ensure that our future is bright.