Don’t Passover this Holiday!

5 years ago Bmiller 0

Most people dread the holiday of Passover because of the eating restrictions, like not eating bread. I am not one of those people–I couldn’t be more excited! Passover is a time of innovation; we get to be creative because of the restrictions. My favorite matzah dish is matzah pizza!

For me and my family, Passover is a time of happiness. I sit with my loved ones at the seder and talk to them for hours. Passover is a time of love because you are together with all your family celebrating something so important: the freedom of the Jewish people. At my immediate family’s dinner, we always have a great time, from cooking together, to putting on a play with the ten plagues, to singing songs, to competitively searching for the afikomen. Passover never fails to put a smile on my face. Another thing I love about Passover, which many people may dislike, is taking the celebration to school. My school is not very Jewish and not very educated on Judaism. When I bring matzah to school and get questions about it, it brings me joy to know that I can share something of my religion with someone else. This is how Judaism stays strong by teaching others and I love it! Passover is a great holiday and celebration. It is the most important holiday to me!