Dear CTeen

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Dear CTeen,

Graduation is finally approaching, meaning that thirteen years of school are finally ending. This is an exciting time in my life. But, as I sit here typing, there’s something more to the clicking sound of the keyboard—I’m not just thinking about school, but the last six years specifically. These past six years weren’t just about school; these six years offered me something better, something that I will always be thankful for.


Yes, you. Thank you for everything. I can’t imagine these past six years without you.

Thank you for getting me out of the house when I was homeschooled in seventh and eighth grade. You gave me a place to embrace being Jewish through learning or just simply hanging out with my Jewish friends—my first set of what I call “teenage friends.” The first time I went to the mall with friends was because of you; I went with friends from my CTeen chapter. They became more than friends—they are my family.

When I finished homeschooling, I then went on to a new high school. There were some Jews in my grade, but not many. You were where I came to be with teens just like me-Jewish. At first, CTeen was a place I went to once a week, but over the years, it became more important to me.

If I was having a bad day at school, I came to you. You were my break from the week, my safe place. When I was at CTeen, nothing else seemed to matter. You gave me friends from all around the country and even the world. It’s because of you that my phone never stops buzzing with new messages from CTeen-related group chats.

Thank you for shaping me into a leader. Because of you, I have taken on a role that has not only helped me to build my chapter and my relationships with other CTeeners, but is also going to help me to be a leader in the future.

Thank you for helping me feel more connected to Shabbat. Shabbats with CTeen were Shabbats well spent. Without you, I probably wouldn’t have started going to shul more often, as well.

Over the past six years, my life has changed enormously, and all because of you. I have become more connected with my Judaism and have made life-long friends—friends that have turned into family. CTeen has helped me in so many ways and I can’t wait to see what it does for others in the future. Good-bye CTeen, thank you for everything. Now, off to Chabad on Campus!

Forever a CTeener,

Emily Glazer

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