CTeen Rio

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Shai Fichtelberg// CTeen Sonoma County, California 

Home to almost 100,000 Jews, we head to Brazil for our next landing place for “Travel Thursday.” Meet Cteen Rio!

Knowing the great rewards of working with teens, Rabbi Yoseph and Mussy Fishman jumped on the opportunity to establish CTeen Rio in 2015. From that moment on, they have been able to go to schools and wrap tefillin, teach teens about Judaism, and help create lasting bonds between the teens in their chapter. 

“It is really special to have our group in the middle of this diverse country,” Isabelle Elman Cohen, a CTeener from Rio, said. “I’m looking forward to how, with time, the group will grow much bigger.”

Like its sister chapters around the globe, CTeen Rio proves that teens can add light to the world during a pandemic. Despite most of their usual activities pausing, CTeen Rio has seized the opportunity to host more interactive Torah classes online and have also sent Shabbat packages to local families every few weeks.

CTeen teaches us so much about mitzvot and Torah, but have you realized that the Rabbis learn just as much from us? “From running a CTeen chapter, I’ve learned a lot about teens,” Yoseph says. “They’re unpredictable, but they can go and do beyond your expectations. And their unity is extremely powerful.”

In times full of unknowns, the power of unity is so important; let’s all come together and help one another to tip the scale and add more light!