CTeen HQ

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Shai Fichtelberg// CTeen Sonoma County, California 

Shayna Solkowitz// CTeen Woodcliff Lake, NJ

For this “Travel Thursday,” we travel back to one of our favorite places…Crown Heights, New York, where we find CTeen HQ! 

CTeen HQ is run by a fantastic group of people who work every day to inspire the next generation of Jewish teens. CTeen could not be what it is today without the support and strength of its headquarters.

For the past 12 years, Crown Heights has hosted thousands of CTeeners from all over the world and have seen teens discover their Judaism, make lasting memories, and create lifelong friendships. I think every teen who goes on Shabbaton can name one amazing thing about Crown Heights, whether it be the people, the kosher restaurants, or 770. 

Crown Heights is like a modern-day shtetl or Jewish village. There’s nothing more beautiful than walking down Kingston Avenue on Friday afternoon, where strangers say ‘good Shabbos’ as they pass you on the sidewalk.

Crown Heights isn’t home to just CTeen Headquarters, but Chabad Headquarters. It is the power plant that re-charges Shluchim and students alike by hosting Shabbatons all year round. 

Right after all the CTeeners left Crown Heights in February 2020, everything changed. The Crown Heights community which was so used to hosting Shabbaton after Shabbaton suddenly had no guests to host, including CTeeners. But that hardship did not stop CTeen. CTeen HQ quickly rallied with the help of leaders worldwide to create online programming for chapters.

COVID not only didn’t stop Crown Heights, but the community helped roll out revolutionary innovations and initiatives. Crown Heights continues to be the powerhouse charging the world with light, and as a CTeener, I can’t wait to go back for my recharge!