Countdown to the Shabbaton Day 9: Staying Up All Night!

6 years ago eglazer 0

Hey everyone! Emily Glazer here. Can’t believe the Shabbaton is only a few days away!!

One of the best parts of a sleepover is staying up all night long…and let’s be real: the Shabbaton is basically a sleepover that lasts the entire weekend! What isn’t there to love about staying up into the late hours of the night? First of all, sleepovers equal eating food late at night! From all the snacks and food we’re going to get, you can check that off your shabbaton bucket list. Second, deep and meaningful conversations are always best when they happen at night. At the shabbaton, you’re sure to be talking all night to your chapter and the awesome new people you meet. The nights are so full, from hanging out at the Friday night meal to rocking out in Times Square; who would want to sleep when there are so many awesome things happening? Are you ready to stay up all night and have the best Shabbaton yet? You can sleep on the way home.