Countdown to the Shabbaton Day 3: The Sights!

6 years ago csegal 0

New York City is one of the best-known cities in the world, the most visited city in America, and the home to the CTeen International Shabbaton. NYC has many things for out-of-towners, including a diversity of food, a change of atmosphere, and, most importantly, a variety of sights. At the CTeen International Shabbaton, there are many things to see, and they are all spectacular! One can choose to take a double-decker bus through the city and tour famous New York sites, such as the 9/11 memorial and museum, in addition to the Freedom Tower. “Believe it Or Not,” Ripley’s museum in New York, is a flabbergasting museum that many CTeeners will be laughing their way through in a few days, and 5th Avenue will be filled with teens with a passion for shopping as well. Meanwhile, back in Crown Heights, there is the JCM (Jewish Children’s Museum) to visit, along with Kingston Avenue and its delicious bakeries and ice cream stores. However, these wondrous sites do not equate to what the International is known for-the concert in Times Square.

Saturday night, CTeeners will experience what “CTeen taking over Times Square” really means, and will get to see themselves and their friends on the American Eagle screen-a difficult feat! Eli Marcus, a Jewish singer, will be performing, and the feeling of unity will be challenging to find anywhere else. Can’t wait to see you all there!