Countdown to the Shabbaton Day 1: New Friends!

6 years ago hkaplun 0

If there was ever a place to make 2,000 new friends, it’s the CTeen International Shabbaton. You meet so many people from all over the world. You come as strangers; you leave as family.

Just walking down the streets of Crown Heights is a social event. You bump into so many chapters, and just asking “where are you from?” starts a lively, fun conversation. Starting on Friday, exploring New York City with other chapters gives you the opportunity to talk to and get to know other teens. Then, jumping into Shabbat, where you spend time hanging out, chatting, and attending classes with all of your new friends. Then, heading straight to Times Square to show off our Jewish pride in the coolest way.
Language barrier and different cities and countries don’t matter in that moment, or any moment throughout the Shabbaton.

The bitter sweet goodbyes on Sunday will validate the friendships you make. Plans to meet up through the year and of course to come back to the International next year ensue. We may come from different backgrounds and locations, we have CTeen and our Jewish heritage in common.
The CTeen family spans the world with friendships that will last a lifetime.