Countdown to Retreat: Delegation

6 years ago hkaplun 0

I am the stereotypical type – a personality type. For anyone who doesn’t know what that means, basically, I’m a control freak. I like things done a certain way. This pretty much means I end up doing things myself so I can make sure it will be done exactly as I envisioned it.
I’ve been a CTeen leader for a year, and boy, have I learned a lot about letting other people run the show. Being a CTeen leader has taught me that I can’t set up an event, greet people, run an activity, and plan ahead all at the same time. Delegating is a really hard skill I am trying to gain. This includes doing the unthinkable — letting people do things their own way. That may seem extreme, but when I have a vision in my head, it is hard for me to see other people’s ideas. After attending the the CTeen Leadership Retreat last year, I have learned that it’s okay that people do things differently than how I would. Sometimes, these new ways are better than what I would have done.
Through workshops, speakers, and activities, I learned how to be a better delegator, which plays a part in helping me becoming a stronger leader. One such workshop included allowing your partner to talk for a minute straight without interruption. It may not sound like a long time, but it felt like forever! It was so hard not to interject with a comment, story or opinion. This taught me to step back and listen to people, really listen to people and absorb what they are saying.
I still have ways to go, but I am excited to see what I will learn at this year’s Leadership Retreat.