Cheers to a New Year

7 years ago Risa Mond 0

In just a mere 284 days (not that I’m counting down or anything), I will be graduating not just high school but also something that has been so important to me throughout these years, CTeen. I cannot believe this is my final year!

I’ve seen the amazing, unbelievable growth CTeen has undergone in the past few years and I am so excited to see what the future holds. Having participated in the past two CTeen Leadership Retreats I’ve seen the incredible, powerful leadership available worldwide. Take every minute you have with this special organization to heart. Because soon enough you’ll be in my shoes reflecting on the past years and realizing just how much CTeen was a part of it.

But instead of dwelling on the past I’m so excited to think about this upcoming year! New shabbatons, new programs, new members, and new leaders galore. Leader or not, you all have the spark, power, and passion to spread the light unto everyone and everything around us. We are stronger together, we are one in accomplishing the greater mission at hand. Keep up the hard work, and I can not wait to hear about every chapter’s success and growth throughout the year.

-Risa Mond, Proud CTeen Female Intl. Leader and Copy Editor of CTeen Connection Blog