Chanukah Miracles

2 years ago The Connections Staff 0

Nathan Ginsburg// CTeen Gaithersburg, Maryland

The story of Chanukah had many amazing miracles occur to the Jewish people, from the oil in the temple lasting eight days rather than one, to our victory, as the Maccabees, against the Greeks. The oil miracle is particularly fitting for today’s age because it is similar to, say, a car that only has 10 miles of gas left but lasts for 100. As you read on, you’ll see how a car connects to one of the miracles that a fellow CTeen leader experienced during Chanukah.

I’ve questioned before why Chanukah is eight nights rather than seven; the oil miraculously lasted seven extra days, but the first night can’t be accounted for as a miracle. The answer is  that the menorah was lit only due to the first day’s oil, and thus is included in the rest of the seven days.

As we reminisce in these stories, it’s important to remember that this dates back to over 2000 years ago. So why should we care? Well, many of the miracles we read in the Torah are mirrored in today’s society.

A couple of years ago, CTeen Leader Shmuel Virine from Calgary, Canada was driving home from a Chanukah event in a snowstorm, making it difficult to see where he was going. He didn’t realize it, but he was actually driving on the wrong side of the road! Suddenly a police officer pulled him over. He thought he was going to get a ticket, but the officer turned out to be extremely nice, didn’t give him a ticket, and helped him find where he had to go.

What we can learn from this modern story is that everything happens for a reason. Shmuel was driving home from a Chanukah event and didn’t get pulled over. When trusting in G-d, things usually have a way of working out when doing something good. Even so, the fact that we live every day is truly a miracle and we should remember that every morning we wake up. Chag Sameach!