Dear Leigh,

4 weeks ago Adina Ichilov 0
Everyone who is a part of this incredible project has the privilege of knowing Leigh Hershkovich-loffe. If you do not know Leigh, she has been working for CTeen for the past six years as editor in Chief of ‘CTeen Connections’ and director of curriculum. Leigh has contributed more to CTeen than this article could do Read More

Top 5 things to do during Corona…Inspired by the Rebbe!

3 months ago Shai Fichtelberg 0
By Elie Glaser// CTeen of Leeds 1. Learn some Torah! Are you always making a mental note to learn some Torah each week but never actually get round to it? Does something ‘more important’ always come up? It’s okay, we all do it. Why not take this time we’ve been lumbered with, and use it Read More

Using our time to grow

3 months ago Sarah Hinkediker 0
As most of us may know, the world right now is in going through a pandemic. Most of us are in quarantine, in our houses doing school work or other activities to keep ourselves  entertained. I had the unfortunate situation of not being able to fly back home for passover, and I got stuck in Read More

Keeping Sane During Quarantine

3 months ago Adina Ichilov 0
By: Mitchel Zilbershteyn Quarantine. This phrase has been thrown around a lot recently, with everyone telling one another how important it is to stay home and avoid any social contact. However, this extended break from seeing friends and family during quarantine can really take a mental toll on people. We are social by nature, and Read More

The Mitzvah of Tefillin

4 months ago Adina Ichilov 0
Written by: Michael Mandel Every day I put on my pair of Tefillin and feel a strong and great connection to G-d and my Judaism. I feel as if all of my Jewish ancestors feel so proud of me. Many years ago they had experienced Anti Semitism and were scared that their Judaism would be Read More

Diving Deeper into the Holiday of Pesach

4 months ago Shayna Solkowitz 0
Chametz; ‘passing over’; the Seder.  There are so many different aspects of Pesach. I have always known some things about Pesach, but it took learning the deeper meanings behind the Seder and all of the customs that helped me appreciate the holiday even more. Each aspect has its own profound, practical lesson. My favorite lesson Read More

CTeen Connection’s Guide to an Awesome Passover Seder

4 months ago Shai Fichtelberg 0
This year, all around the world, many Jewish families will be hosting their first Pesach Seder at home. This can seem like a daunting task with so many preparations to be made and steps to follow be we are here, to make this a little easier, and help you host your hopefully first, of many, Read More

CTeen Channel

4 months ago Adina Ichilov 0
By Sarah Strent//CTeen of West Suffolk, New York We are living history. We are experiencing life during the worldwide Pandemic of COVID-19. While times are challenging, it is crucial to remain hopeful and to keep ourselves occupied. Among other activities, I have spent a great deal of time on CTeen Channel. CTeen Channel features many Read More

Finding Our Inner Jew in Hard Times

4 months ago Adina Ichilov 0
By Abigail Pool//CTeen of Bucks County, Pennsylvania It feels like a lifetime ago when we all first heard of COVID-19. A city of eleven million Chinese citizens shut down almost immediately, and the world watched and waited for more. Shortly after the viruses spread, a domino effect took the world hostage: Schools shut down, governments Read More

The Shabbaton: A weekend to change the world

4 months ago Adina Ichilov 0
In honor of one month since the CTeen Shabbaton, we bring you this reflection by Rachel Arrouas from CTeen S. Maur, France. We each have a unique journey in this world. We each have the power to change this world. “A little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness,” said Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Read More
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