How to Tackle the College Process

6 days ago Adina Ichilov 0
My name is Adina Ichilov and I am a senior from CTeen San Antonio. Let’s face it, the college admissions process is extremely overwhelming. From the number of essays and short questions you have to write to the constant reminders you need to give your recommenders, the process is stressful. However, as I’ve moved along Read More

Six Flags Regional Event

3 weeks ago Mitchel Zilbershteyn 0
As school starts up, CTeeners from all over the Tri-state area gathered together at Six Flags to start off the year with a day full of thrills. While the weather was gloomy, the loud voices of the cheering teens made the atmosphere as bright and lively as ever! Each chapter had an impressive turnout, and Read More

What Purim Teaches Us About Unity

6 months ago Noah Roffe 0
Purim is easily the most joyful and happy Jewish holiday of the year. It is known that the entire Jewish month of Adar is a time of happiness and success because of the Purim story. Purim however isn’t just about happiness and success on the individual level, it is also about maximizing our potential on Read More

My First Shiva Call

9 months ago hkaplun 0
Today, I paid my first shiva call, for someone I’d never met before. A seemingly strange thing, until you think about our common factor.  We have the most important thing in common, the one thing that bands together millions of people, and has for thousands of years–we are both members of Am Yisrael.   Last Read More

Don’t Waste your Rosh Hashanah

1 year ago Zach Marcus 0
As school starts again and our lives are getting back to normal, we are suddenly interrupted by the unusually early occurrence of Rosh Hashanah. To some, it is an long boring day spent in Shul. To others, it is an easy way to get out of school. But however you look at the festival, it Read More

CTeen in Outer Space

1 year ago Leighest 0
Hey y’all! My name is Nina Pfrenger and if you didn’t already guess from the “y’all” I live in Houston, Texas and am currently a senior at a public high school. About a year and a half ago, at the 2017 Cteen Shabbaton, my journey to become more observant started. After the Shabbaton I took Read More

Meet Rebeca

1 year ago Rebeca Price 0
Hi. My name is Rebeca Price. I was born in San Antonio, I grew up in Chicago, and I currently live in Skokie, Illinois, a Chicago suburb. I’m a junior in high school, an avid cross country runner, extremely passionate about the Land of Israel, and a proud Jew. I love mango sorbet, face masks, Read More

Ekev, a Dvar Torah

1 year ago Quincy Barret 0
Hi! My name is Quincy, I live in Manchester and this year, I am venturing into the world of CTeen Connection. My articles will mainly be short divrai torah (often with a question and answer format), attempting to reveal some of the hidden lessons from the weekly parashah (Torah portion). In this week’s parashah Ekev, Read More

Amazing Fruits To Try

2 years ago ssalles 0
In honor of Tu B’Shevat here are some amazing fruits to try that are honestly amazing! Amazing fruits to try Grapes These are so yummy and so fun to eat too. Not only do they taste good but have beneficial antioxidants and a high water content. Grapes can be sour or sweet depending on when Read More

How We Experience The Miracles of Chanukah Everyday

2 years ago ssalles 0
Chanukah is a very special holiday celebrating the miracle that occurred in the second Beit Hamikdash thousands of years ago. Today, we often wish for a huge miracle in our day-to-day lives, but did you know we experience and witness them every day? For most of us, our lives consist of waking up, eating breakfast Read More
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