Judaism 101

My Journey to Judaism

7 days ago Leighest 0
Olivia Rubinsky, Palm Springs, California This article is an excerpt of a speech that I wrote for the JLI Retreat in Palm Springs. My name is Olivia Rubinsky; I’m 15 years old. I am part of an organization called CTeen which stands for Chabad Teen Network. Since I joined, I feel that my Jewish life Read More

Parshat Va’etchanan

2 weeks ago Sarah Hinkediker 0
In this week’s parsha, Moses tells Am Israel (the people of Israel) how he begged Hashem to allow him to enter the Land of Israel. Hashem refused to let Moses enter, and instead told him to ascend a mountain and see the Promised Land from there. The reason that Hashem did not let Moses enter the Promised Land Read More

Understanding our purpose in life

2 months ago Sarah Hinkediker 0
  Some of us may wonder about our exact purpose in life.  Why are we so significant to this world? There are other 7 billion people in this world…how can I, a young and powerless person can make an impact? No way! It can’t be possible.   Well, the truth is that every little thing Read More

Shabbat Candles

3 months ago ssalles 0
Lighting Shabbat candles is an amazing mitzvah that all Jewish women and girls can take part in, beginning from the age of three years old. This mitzvah gives us the opportunity to reflect and have a one-on-one time with Hashem. It is also symbolic of welcoming the peace and light of Shabbat.   I bet Read More

The Deeper Meaning of the Purim Feast

5 months ago Archive 0
It is that time of year again! We are days before the exciting holiday of Purim. At one time or another, most of us have eaten hamantaschen, dressed in costumes, and learned the story of Purim in a Hebrew school class when we were little. For those that do not know the story, here it Read More

Food Blessings Guide

8 months ago Leighest 0
Stop and take a moment to make a blessing on each food you eat. Here’s a handy-dandy guide to use for all your blessing needs!   Bread made from the five species (wheat, barley, rye, spelt, or oat). However, for it to be considered “bread” the majority of liquid needs to be water. (Ex: pasta is Read More

Torch Bearers

9 months ago bbursk 0
Torch Bearers (Parshat Chayei Sarah) In this week’s Torah portion, we read about “The Life of Sarah.” It details, among other things, the events following our foremother Sarah’s passing. There is a specific section of this parsha which I related to deeply that I’d like to share with you all: The parsha states that Abraham Read More

It’s Your Beginning (Parshat Bereshit)

10 months ago bbursk 0
It’s Your Beginning (Parshat Bereshit) In this week’s parsha, we are brought to the very beginning of the Torah—the story of creation.  We learn of the formation of the birds, the trees, animal, man, and everything else that we have in the world today. But we also learn something which speaks to our daily struggles. Read More

Make The Sacrifice

10 months ago bbursk 0
This Rosh Hashana is one I will never forget. I spent the holiday with Chabad in South Manchester. It began like any other Rosh Hashana; we indulged in a ridiculous amount of apples and honey, had a super long shul service. By the end of the first day of davening, we were all exhausted and Read More

You, Yourself Need Fixing.

11 months ago bbursk 0
You, Yourself Need Fixing. As we approach the joyous holiday of Rosh Hashanah, we begin to think about many different aspects of our lives. We think about the stress of school work, exams, and, for some of us, we’ll be calculating how much apples and honey we’ll be eating. There is something more profound we Read More
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