Humans of CTeen

Human of CTeen: Gabrielle Friedman

2 years ago eglazer 0
Emily: Do you have a bucket list? What’s on it? Gabrielle: Yeah absolutely. Umm to answer your question I like to live in the moment so to have a bucket list is kind of non existent. But I do envision myself doing a lot of things that I wouldn’t do a lot like traveling overseas. Read More

Humans of CTeen: Cincinnati

2 years ago eglazer 0
This past Shabbat (Friday, March 11th), my CTeen chapter hosted our very first Shabbat dinner. It really was a special Shabbat because this was one of our biggest events, and it was awesome to see how our chapter has grown. From the food, games, conversations, and just being together, our first CTeens Shabbat was one Read More

Meet Our Illustrators!

2 years ago Leighest 0
Meet the fabulous illustrators who dedicated their time and talent to making this year’s CTeen Connection magazine a success!     Galit Salamat // @_livetodraw”   Vicky Beyrard Shaw//Geneva, Switzerland Emi Rabeov-Davidova//Brooklyn, NY   Malka Kopolovich//Brooklyn, NY   Do you want to share your artwork with the CTeen world? Contact us: [email protected]//[email protected] Read More

Meet Our Team!

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  Meet the some of the fabulous writers behind CTeen Connection!   Risa Mond, Plano, Texas: What’s one thing people may not know about you? My motto is: Go big or go home. I put 100% effort into everything I do.   Jared Zimmer, Dix Hills, NY: What scares you the most about the future? Read More

Humans of CTeen: Hank Loeb

2 years ago eglazer 0
Hank Loeb- C-Teen Cincinnati Q: How would you make the world a better place? A: In my opinion, there are two easy ways you can do your part to make the world a better place. The first being to donate clothes, you have grown out of to charity. volunteering at Read More

Humans of CTeen: Rachel Jarard

3 years ago eglazer 0
     Rachel Jarad, member of C-Teen Cincinnati, is a sophomore in high school who will be spending a semester in Israel. Israel has always been important to Jarad, but since visiting for her Bat Mitzvah, she has been in love with the country. After having the pleasure of interviewing her, I learned more about Read More

Humans of CTeen: Matthew Steinlauf

3 years ago Leighest 0
“What is your biggest goal in life?” My biggest goal is to be able to give back any way I can. Happiness is a journey, not a destination. My goal is to enjoy the journey and be present at every moment. “What are you struggling with right now?” I have no struggles only small obstacles Read More

Humans of CTeen: Inbar Hazan

3 years ago Leighest 0
How do you feel connected to Israel? “I feel connected to Israel because I was born there. Almost all my family lives there. Even though it is constantly being attacked and threatened, I still feel safest when I am there because it is my home, and I know it will always protect me.” Read More

Humans of CTeen: Sasha Boroda

3 years ago Leighest 0
What’s on your mind right now? “There’s so much on my mind right now. Junior year is almost over, I have ACT’s coming up, college is only a few years away. There’s so much left to do before I head off to college and into the real world. I feel like the next few years Read More
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