Do’s and Don’ts of Missing School for the Holidays

3 years ago Leighest 0
By Ariel Lotman School is extremely tough. It takes up almost all of our time. It forces us to wake up early. It gives us loads of seemingly useless homework to do every night. As a junior in high school, I contemplate all of these points daily. However, the whole concept of school gets significantly Read More

Tu B’shvat: Actualization vs Potential

4 years ago Orli Richman 0
In Jewish teaching, we are taught about four new years. The first as we know is Rosh Hashanah but what are the others you may ask? Well the first is the first day of Nissan. This new year was the first commandment Hashem gave the Jewish people, to sanctify the new year. Additionally, it is Read More

Chanukah’s Over…Now What?

4 years ago Leighest 0
Chanukah is my favorite holiday. In my opinion, it is the best Jewish holiday there is.It is a time spent with family, we light the menorah, we eat, we party.  On Chanukah, the light of the menorah decorates our windows, our streets, our living rooms. On the eight days of Chanukah, we notice fire everywhere Read More

Shavuot: Revisited

5 years ago Emilio Chayo 0
Once again we come closer to another wonderful Jewish holiday, and what better holiday is there but Shavuot? The day of the year you break your  diet, and stuff your face with cheesecake and ice cream and don’t even feel too bad about it because, hey! It’s Shavuot! You are supposed to do it! Shavuot Read More

Bonfires, S’mores, and Way More!

5 years ago sweiss 0
Lag Ba’Omer is a festive Jewish holiday that lands on the 33rd day of the Omer count. A day filled with fun, family, and festivity, it is also a day that commemorates the day of passing for the great scholar, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. He lived in the second century of the common era and Read More

Unity in Fire

5 years ago Emilio Chayo 0
Lag B’omer: what’s your deal? You confuse me. You’re sandwiched in the middle of two very important holidays, Pesach and Shavuot. You are a mystery. You’re celebrated with the lighting of a fire. Why? I know why we eat matzah on Passover, I know why we eat oily food when Chanukah rolls around: These make Read More

5 Misconceptions to not Pass Over

5 years ago Andegeko 0
It’s finally the time of year for Passover! A time when we learn about and celebrate the journey of the Jews out of Egypt to the land of Israel. I’m sure that during this time of year, you hear many funny misconceptions about Passover. Here are the top five. 1. “Wait, If I don’t like Read More

Personal Freedom in the 21st Century

5 years ago Noah Roffe 0
The holiday of Pesach is all about being free. Around 3330 years ago, Hashem took our ancestors out of slavery in Egypt, through Moshe.  It was then that the Jewish people became a nation, and where personal freedom was finally fulfilled. What is personal freedom anyway, and was it the same c. 3330 years ago? Read More

Don’t Passover this Holiday!

5 years ago Bmiller 0
Most people dread the holiday of Passover because of the eating restrictions, like not eating bread. I am not one of those people–I couldn’t be more excited! Passover is a time of innovation; we get to be creative because of the restrictions. My favorite matzah dish is matzah pizza! For me and my family, Passover Read More

Secret Miracle

5 years ago csegal 0
Five years ago today, my world changed forever.   But, I didn’t know it yet.   Today is Purim: the holiday of secret miracles. What many don’t realize is that secret miracles aren’t only a thing of the past, but still very much of the present.   As a child, I was the shyest person Read More
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