Memories of Sukkot in Israel

2 months ago Leighest 0
Sarah Serfaty, Mission Viejo, CA The Chagim, holidays, are right around the corner again. Pretty crazy how fast time goes by, right?! The High Holidays are a very special time and though we celebrate them all over the world, my favorite memories are of spending Sukkot in Israel, where I lived for four years. Just like Read More

Tips for an Easy Fast

3 months ago hkaplun 0
Sydney Winawer and Hannah Kaplun Yom Kippur is coming up really soon, so we’ve come up with some helpful tips to help you have an easy fast!   Prior to the fast: Drink coconut water! Coconut water will help when it comes to fasting because it’s full of carbohydrates that will help keep the hunger Read More

Start The New Year Off Right

3 months ago ssalles 0
The Hebrew year 5777 is almost over, which means Rosh Hashanah and 5778 are around the corner! You know what that means—time to make resolutions for the coming year. Here are a few to get you inspired:   Take on a new Mitzvah Mitzvahs an important way to connect Hashem and learn so much about Read More

Passover Seder – Shulchan Orech

8 months ago yhazan 0
Seder means order and on Passover, there are two nights in which a seder takes place. Fun Fact: There were fifteen steps leading to the Temple, corresponding to the fifteen Shir Ha’ma’alot (songs of Ascent) found in Psalms. Similarly, the Seder follows a fifteen stage-process of ascent. Shluchan Orech is the 10th. During this step, Read More

Maror-Why Remember Exile?

8 months ago csegal 0
Maror-everyone’s favorite part of the Seder, am I right? During the Passover Seders, there are three obligatory foods that we are commanded to eat: matza, the paschal lamb, and maror. Matza, as most know, is an unleavened bread. When the Jews were leaving Egypt, they were carrying dough on their backs and the sun baked Read More

The meaning of “Next year in Jerusalem”

8 months ago ssalles 0
When I was younger, my family would host a Passover seder every year. Each year, when we reached the famous phrase at the end of the seder: “next year in Jerusalem,” I would find myself curious about what it meant. Were they being serious? Or was this supposed to mean something deeper and metaphorical?   I couldn’t Read More

Motzei Matzah

8 months ago ssalles 0
Now it’s time to finally eat matzah for the first time of the seder-have no fear! This is the first of three times you get to sit back and enjoy the crunchy matzah.   Passover is not a favorite holiday for many people, as they feel limited by what they can eat. Matzah can start Read More


8 months ago Archive 0
Our hectic day-to-day lives have brought us to this point, the first step of the Passover seder. But let’s not look at this as our destination; rather, this is the beginning of our journey. We are about to embark upon an adventure. We will retell the stories of our ancestors, recount the miracles G-d performed, Read More

A Deeper Explanation to Maggid

8 months ago Noah Roffe 0
Hey CTeeners! As you may know, the Pesach seder is a very specific and organized series of actions relating to the holiday and miracle of Pesach.  But what is the point of all those small specific actions, stories, and paragraphs that we read? What is the meaning behind them? To fully understand the meaning behind Read More


8 months ago swinawer 0
After having a delicious meal with our families, it’s time to thank G-d for all the food we just ate with bentching. Following bentching, we then have the third cup of wine. Next, we fill up the prophet Elijah’s cup and welcome him by opening the doors. This is a time for us to ask Read More
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