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My CTeen Family

2 weeks ago Leighest 0
By Julia Gozman, Bucks County, PA 2000 teens. One weekend. One experience. To laugh, to cry, to love. To be a part of one family. That is what it really means to be part of Cteen. One big Jewish family, taking over New York City for a weekend. Staying in touch with friends from afar, Read More

8 Reasons Chanukah is the BEST Jewish Holiday

3 months ago swinawer 0
8 Reasons Chanukah is the BEST Jewish Holiday 1.The garb: Now a days Chanukah apparel has become a huge trend. You can find sweaters containing light up menorahs, cute puns, and even the classic ugly Chanukah sweater! 2.The Food: If you like fried food, then this holiday is just right for you! From delicious jelly Read More

7 Ways Pokemon Go is the Ultimate Jewish Game

8 months ago swinawer 1
Never give up: We Jews are well known for having chutzpah, and for going that extra mile to achieve our goals. The Pokemon phenomenon really puts our global chutzpah to the test….have you seen how far people will go to catch Pokemon? Imagine if they’d channel that energy for something else…wow! Facing and conquering our Read More

Dairy-Free, Raw Lemon Cheesecake

10 months ago Archive 1
  Graduation is a beautiful, pivotal moment when old chapters close and new ones open.  It is mascara-stained cheeks and nervous laughter.  It is the goodbye to former teachers and hello to future professors.  It is the photo of me and my best friend wearing our white caps and gowns.  It will hang on my Read More

Traditional Charoset with a Twist

11 months ago Archive 0
By: Danielle Collins   It’s time to stock up on matzah and break out the Seder plate because Passover is here! Growing up, my favorite part of the Passover meal was always my grandma’s apple-walnut charoset.  I would gorge myself on matzo-charoset sandwiches, leaving no room for her famous roasted chicken or noodle kugel.  This Read More

Back-to-Nature Fig and Maple Salad

1 year ago Archive 0
By: Danielle Collins   Tu B’Shevat is the Jewish holiday that honors the “new year” for trees. One popular custom is to eat an abundance of fruit, and I have created a fig and maple salad recipe that will be perfect to serve on the 15th of Shevat.  Every ingredient was thoughtfully selected.  Here is Read More

Chanukah, Oh Chanukah Sweet Potato and Apple Latkes

1 year ago Archive 0
By: Danielle Collins   Menorahs burning bright, spinning dreidels, chocolate gelt, and stories of olive oil that miraculously burned for eight days.  Chanukah is my favorite Jewish holiday because it is full of celebration.  Every year, my close friend, Sami, hosts a dreidel party and serves mounds of potato latkes.  This year, she and I Read More
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