Beha’alote’cha, a Dvar Torah

3 months ago Leighest 0
By Quincy Barrett, CTeen Manchester, UK Like many students in the UK, I have just finished my High School Exams (GCSEs). Many of us, regardless of where we are from, know that feeling, just before an exam where you instantly think— you’re going to fail. Well, one of my friends was doing his pre-university exams Read More

Connections Are Essential in Life

3 months ago Shayna Solkowitz 0
This ‘Ted Talk’ was delivered at my Chabad house for Shavout all night learning, enjoy 🙂 Hey everyone! If you don’t already know me, my name is Shayna, and I’m finishing up my sophomore year in high school. What I’m going to be talking about encompasses a lot of different aspects, and here at Valley Read More

United As One

5 months ago Leighest 0
By Ariel Lotman Every week across the globe, Jews ranging from different religious orientations and sects come together, as a family, in one building, to pray to G-d and thank Him for all of the blessings he provides us each day. We rejoice in the spirit of Shabbat, and enjoy our freedom as Jewish people Read More

My First (Chassidic) Wedding

6 months ago Shayna Solkowitz 0
It’s crazy to think that I haven’t even know Chaya for a full six months. It’s even crazier to think that I only met her once in person before attending her wedding. On Sunday night, I attended my first wedding of my CTeen Torah Buddy, Chaya. Tuesdays are my favorite days because we learn together. Read More

What I Learned at the DC Shabbaton

6 months ago Leighest 0
By Lauren LosakWhat did I learn from attending the CTeen regional Shabbaton in Washington D.C.? Well, let me start with why I attended. I wanted a stronger connection to my Jewish family by connecting to every Jew. On this trip I found connections that I wouldn’t have been able to have if I hadn’t attended Read More

Symbols of Purim: Megilah, Masks, and…Modesty?

6 months ago Leighest 0
By Samara Smukler//Boca Raton, FL With the joyous festival of Purim behind us, it’s time to reflect on what the holiday means to us.  many of us dreamt up our perfect costumes, handed out Mishloch Manot to our friends, and debated on which filling to put in our hamentashen(chocolate, always chocolate). However, beyond its triumphant Read More

A Lit Time in NY

6 months ago Leighest 0
Elizabeth Ossowska//Edmonton, Canada As featured in the Edmonton Jewish newspaper! As February came to a close, eleven Jewish teens from Edmonton joined hundreds of others from around the world at the eleventh international Cteen Shabbaton in New York. Led by Chabad Edmonton’s lively Rabbi Dovid Pinson, and later joined by lovely Chaya Vaisfiche from Montreal Read More

A Shabbaton To Remember

7 months ago Leighest 0
CTeen of Singers Hill shares their recap of their EPIC trip to New York for the CTeen Shabbaton. Davina: An early 6am meet up at Birmingham Airport set our jam packed day off to a thrilling start. We all received personalised passport cases from Rachel and had a brief introduction to what the trip would Read More

What CTeen Means to Me

7 months ago Leighest 0
A version of this article can be seen in this year’s CTeen Connection magazine. My name is Quincy, and I live in Manchester, UK. My first ever CTeen event was the first of several BBQs, which were just a few friends in a garden kicking a ball around. Back then it was just 2 yeshivah Read More

The Value of Shabbat

7 months ago Leighest 0
Recently a guy in my school asked me what I do without my phone on Shabbat. I told him that I spend Shabbat having intimate conversations with my family and friends. He responded by telling me that I am missing out on so much that life has to offer because of my religion. I then Read More
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