Countdown to Retreat: Delegation

4 days ago hkaplun 0
I am the stereotypical type – a personality type. For anyone who doesn’t know what that means, basically, I’m a control freak. I like things done a certain way. This pretty much means I end up doing things myself so I can make sure it will be done exactly as I envisioned it. I’ve been Read More

I’m a Leader?

7 days ago csegal 0
We, as the Jewish people, are all leaders; we all have leadership aspects within us. Some portray those characteristics more than others, but we all have them-each and every one of us. What does this mean? This calls for an explanation. It is well-known that for millennia, Jews have been persecuted, discriminated against, and pursued. Read More

Dear CTeen

1 month ago eglazer 0
Dear CTeen, Graduation is finally approaching, meaning that thirteen years of school are finally ending. This is an exciting time in my life. But, as I sit here typing, there’s something more to the clicking sound of the keyboard—I’m not just thinking about school, but the last six years specifically. These past six years weren’t Read More

It’s LIT!

1 month ago sweiss 0
Lag BaOmer, the thirty third day of the Omer count, is a festive day on the Jewish calendar. Many people have the custom to celebrate it by lighting bonfires and going on special outings, but where did it all come from? I mean, as much as bonfires are fun, what does it have to do Read More

Our First CTeen Bar Mitzvah

1 month ago Leighest 0
  CTeen member, Hallandale, FL   Michael Teplitsky is a fifteen-year-old teen who goes to the CTeen of Hallandale, Florida. This past year was his first year in CTeen; it has been filled with charity work, participating in holiday events, and forming new friendships.  A few months ago, at our Passover event, we were chatting, Read More

Anxiety and the Torah

2 months ago Hannah Butcher 0
Anxiety is a common feeling that many of us have experienced. It’s uncomfortable, and the symptoms vary from person to person.  Everyone experiences anxiety differently; for some, their palms sweat, their thoughts spiral out of control, their breathing becomes shallow, or their stomachs tie in knots. The world may seem to spin around us and, Read More

Tasting Judaism at the D.C. Shabbaton

3 months ago Leighest 0
Jake Snedeker, Woodcliff Lake, NJ   My name is Jake Snedeker from CTeen of Woodcliff Lake. As many of you know, this past weekend was a regional shabbaton in Washington, D.C. I was supposed to be going on the shabbaton with a friend and I was extremely excited; but the week before, I got the Read More

My Washington D.C. Shabbaton Experience

3 months ago Leighest 0
Alex Andelsman, West Suffolk, NY   My name is Alex Andelsman from CTeen West Suffolk; some of you may know me from my article about this shabbaton from last year. I can tell you that this experience was just as, if not even more, amazing than the first shabbaton in Washington, D.C.   When we Read More

Head to Head: Freedom

3 months ago eglazer 0
During the Jewish people’s time in Egypt, we were an enslaved nation, living by the Pharoh’s commands each and everyday. Eventually, Hashem took us out of slavery, making us a free nation. Although in today’s day and age we live in a free society, some may argue that there are ways in which we are Read More
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