Anti-Semitism Is Growing—But So Is Our Jewish Pride!

1 week ago Danielle Jacobson 0
A lot of people would like to think that anti-Semitism isn’t as strong as it used be, but in fact it’s growing. From where we were to where we are going, we may be faced with anti-Semitism, but our Jewish pride has never been stronger. I went to a Jewish school for seven years. One Read More

Coming Together in Spite of Darkness

1 week ago Oryah Lahijani 0
It is 10:30 A.M. on a beautiful sunny day. I just finished my second class of the day. I checked my phone, as I typically do, to check on my snaps. Except this time, my heart dropped to the ground and my eyes filled with water. Something that I would have never expected happened. It Read More

Keeping the Purim Happiness Alive

1 week ago sweiss 0
Purim is over, we need to make sure we carry out the tremendous happiness throughout the rest of the year. As high schoolers, it’s not easy to take a break from our hectic schedules and “be happy.” I’m sure we all have heard the phrase “don’t worry, be happy” before. Sorry, but since when is Read More

The Purim Connection

1 week ago yhazan 0
What is a Jew? Where does the word “Jew” even come from? In a world overflowing with search engines and books, the answer should seem quite evident, right? Jews-chosen people? Nation? Religion? But, is that the definition of the word “Jew”? As Jews, are we really aware of our responsibility as Jews and what being Read More

My CTeen Moment

2 weeks ago Leighest 0
By Sara Freer, Ulster County, NY My name is Sara Freer and I am the leader of Ulster County’s amazing CTeen chapter! CTeen stands for Chabad Teen Network,  and as you all know, is a network of Jewish youth groups who work to unite Jewish teens like myself through community service and super fun activities. Read More

The True Meaning of Purim

2 weeks ago nroffe 0
Purim is a time of happiness and joy. Did you know that we are commanded to be happy? On Purim, we celebrate the defeat of our enemies, remember the decree waged against us by Haman, and recall the miraculous way in which the Jews were saved by the hands of Esther, Mordechai, and Hashem. While Read More

CTeen Shabbaton: Inspiring Moments

3 weeks ago swinawer 0
We all have that one moment that truly inspires us. This past CTeen Shabbaton is one I will never forget, and the moments of inspiration I experienced will stay with me forever. There are so many moments that stick out in my mind as being inspiring and life changing. It started at the beginning of Read More

Finding My Jewish Roots

3 weeks ago ssalles 0
During our teenage years, we struggle to fit in and find our happy place. During the first part of high school (I’m currently a junior), I spent a lot of time alone. I would feel lonely most of the time at school, especially at lunch. Most of my friends lived out of state, and I Read More

Who Runs the World?

2 months ago eglazer 0
Have you ever wondered about Feminism in Judaism? What does the Torah have to say about the role of a woman? I’ve always been curious about the topic, and recent world events have caused me to stop and consider what Feminism really means.  This got me to thinking about what is the role of a Read More

Ahavat Yisroel-The Basis of the Torah

5 months ago csegal 0
I hereby accept upon myself the positive commandment of ‘Love your fellow as yourself.’” We say this everyday before we pray, but do we really understand its meaning? The story goes like this: when asked to recite the entire Torah standing on one foot, Rabbi Hillel, one of the greatest Torah scholars, famously said that Read More
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