Israel in my soul

3 days ago sfranco 0
Israel has been a huge part of my life my whole life. I am often asked why. Why do you care so much about Israel? What makes it so important? These questions forced me to think. The fact that I had to think says something in itself. I never had to think about why Israel Read More

Why I’m Skipping Prom–Again

4 days ago csegal 0
Yes, it’s finally officially spring. Bring on the flowers, bring on the allergies, and bring on the final exams.   But wait–it’s spring. That means it’s…   Prom season.   But, I’m not going to prom. Again.   Yeah, I know: you probably think that I’m crazy. Especially because I’m ditching it for–get this–Shabbat.   Read More

My Florida Shabbaton Experience

3 weeks ago ssalles 0
This weekend I had an amazing, spiritual experience with my Florida Mishpacha at the 1st annual Florida shabbaton. I was thrilled my region came together for this spectacular shabbaton. This CTeen Shabbaton was very laid back and relaxed.. This gave me a chance to learn so much about myself, and enabled all of us to Read More

Rewind: Tri-State Regional Shabbaton in DC!

4 weeks ago Leighest 0
By Sarah Strent // West Suffolk, NY If I was to choose two words to sum up this past weekend at the D.C Shabbaton, I would choose the words inspiring and incredible. We began the weekend by visiting the Holocaust museum. Most of us were in denial because we couldn’t even begin to imagine what Read More

Let’s Celebrate Jewish Pride

1 month ago Leighest 0
By Sara Serfaty//M. Viejo, CA When it comes to Israel, from the war back in 2014—Operation Protective Edge—to the riots in Gaza now, the presence of media hypnotizes readers into believing lies. Today, I did a presentation at my CTeen chapter, CTeen Mission Viejo, about why it is important to support Israel. During the beginning Read More

Silence in Public School: Will It Work?

1 month ago Hannah Butcher 0
My high school is forty minutes away from Marjory Stoneman Douglas. After the tragedy, my school’s administration hastily reacted by enacting a confusing string of new rules: our IDs are required to be visible, the front doors to all buildings are locked, teachers are doubly employed as hall monitors, and cameras are mantled to the Read More

The Power of Youth during the Holocaust

1 month ago Noah Roffe 0
Youth organizations have had an integral role in the preservation of Jewish beliefs throughout the years. Through physical action, and educational programming, youth organizations have helped  teens make a difference in the world.   While Jewish youth organizations of any type have a tremendous impact on the community and on individuals, youth groups, and in Read More

Yom HaShoa Poems

1 month ago Leighest 0
By Itamar Aviani//Panama Six Million How innocent the child was born Into an empire full of hatred Not knowing what was to come It all started When the kids at school got mean And he lost his right to education One day Police officers from the capital Came to their house They had only an Read More

First Generation Freedom

2 months ago sfranco 0
I take a lot of pride in being a first generation American. My mother’s side worked very hard and sacrificed everything to come to the United States from Russian to live their “American dream.” They constantly lived in fear and never felt safe. Basic concepts that we have as Americans such as freedom of speech Read More

Teen Talk: Emilio Chayo

2 months ago Leighest 0
Once upon a time, there was a sixteen-year-old boy. The boy learned that, because of how his cards had been dealt, he wouldn’t be starting school at the same time as his friends. He felt sad, but most importantly he felt powerless, for this was a situation that he had no  help in solving. He Read More
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