CTeen Summer

What Poland Taught Me

3 years ago Leighest 0
By Elie Glaser/Leeds, England Before attending Heritage Quest, I had read many books and seen movies about the Holocaust, and had learned about it briefly in school. It was a totally different experience to see the history of it up close. Being in Poland helped me appreciate and relate to the history from a persona Read More

Finding My Heritage

3 years ago Leighest 0
By Shai Fichtelberg/ Sonoma County, CA I’m not gonna lie—at first, I was hesitant about attending CTeen’s Heritage Quest this summer. My mom and my Rebbetzin Altie Wolvosky, convinced me. Now that I’ve come home, I can’t thank them enough for the experience.  CTeen Heritage Quest changed my life in the best ways possible. I Read More

My Israel Experience!

4 years ago Sarah Strent 0
All my life, I have heard stories of how inspiring and life-changing a trip to Israel was. Little did I know how accurate they were. My family has waited years to travel to Israel, mostly because my sister was too young. This year, we decided to visit for two reasons. One being my sister’s bat Read More

My Experience at the Kotel

5 years ago Leighest 0
Natalie Sharbin, Fairfield, CT   This summer, I had the amazing privilege to go on CTeen Heritage Quest, a three week trip to Poland and Israel. While there were many inspiring and eye opening experiences, one stands out to me in particular: Friday night at the Kotel. While I have attended Friday night services at Read More


6 years ago eglazer 0
There’s a bunch of words that can be used to describe the past three weeks that I spent on CTeen’s Heritage Quest: sad, tragic, happy, fun, exciting. The list goes on and on, but there is one word that sticks out the most: inspiring. What do I mean by “inspiring”? The inspiration began when we Read More


6 years ago Leighest 0
Ashley Brauning, CTeen of Solano County, CA When I joined Heritage Quest this summer, I thought I had Judaism figured out. I already kept some of the mitzvot, like Shabbat, Kosher, and Tzniut, which were all decisions that I made on my own at various parts of my life. My mom is not observant and my dad Read More

Reflections on Poland

6 years ago Leighest 0
Yesterday, (July 5th) began as a regular day in Poland. My roommate and I woke up, talked, and got ready for the day. Our day began with breakfast, davening, and hanging out with one another. We headed to the bus and I knew once we arrived to our destination, that this “normal day” wasn’t going Read More
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