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The Story of My Hebrew Name

6 years ago Leighest 0
By Olivia Rubinsky, Palm Springs, California Recently, I had an amazing opportunity to attend the CTeen Leadership Retreat. At first I was skeptical of going but I decided to make the best out of it. One thing that stands out to me happened on Shabbat. While we were going around saying our Hebrew names it Read More

Stand with Manchester; Stand with Growth

6 years ago bbursk 0
“Why?”   This is the question that I asked myself this morning when I woke up and heard that over twenty people had lost their lives and many more had been injured in my hometown of Manchester, England. The very city in which I slept was being rocked by a terror attack only miles away. Read More

My Washington D.C. Shabbaton Experience

6 years ago Leighest 0
Alex Andelsman, West Suffolk, NY   My name is Alex Andelsman from CTeen West Suffolk; some of you may know me from my article about this shabbaton from last year. I can tell you that this experience was just as, if not even more, amazing than the first shabbaton in Washington, D.C.   When we Read More

Share the Truth

6 years ago yhazan 0
The Jewish world was once again torn apart today  (January 8, 2017) following a terrorist attack that happened in Jerusalem. Four soldiers were murdered, and fifteen others were wounded when a truck drove off the street and onto the sidewalk in Armon Hanatziv. Words cannot describe the pain and anguish that followed upon hearing this Read More

Thank You CTeen!

7 years ago Archive 0
This past summer, I had two incredible and life-changing experiences. It began on July 4th with CTeen Xtreme. Although this was my second time, it was significantly different than my first Xtreme adventure. The previous year I barely knew how to put tefillin on myself, but this year I was getting men in and out of Read More

A Precious Stone

7 years ago bbursk 0
  As I sit here reflecting on Heritage Quest, I can’t help but feel that it feels like years since I was there, standing in Auschwitz when really, it was just weeks ago. I am taken back to those moments, standing at Auschwitz with my head in my hands, wondering how humanity could allow such Read More

Life Lessons from CTeen Xtreme

7 years ago eglazer 0
During my summer experience on CTeen Xtreme, I learned a lot. CTeen Xtreme was a trip full of fun and adventure, but it was also a time for learning and reflecting, beginning every morning with a lesson with Rebbetzin Manya Lazaroff.   Here are a few of the best lessons I took away from this Read More

10 things I took away from the CTeen Leadership Retreat

7 years ago vlamport 0
This summer, I attended the Leadership Retreat for the first time. The retreat was such a wonderfully unique and inspiring experience that I would recommend to anyone. Here are ten things that I took away from the retreat…   1. Be a LEADER: Good leaders create followers; great leaders create other leaders This is what Read More

One Extreme Summer

7 years ago eglazer 0
“So shout out loud my CTeen crowd a family forever we’ll be.” This was one of the many lines I chanted while on CTeen Xtreme. Recently, I returned from a two week journey out west with CTeen Xtreme. And what a family we became. While on CTeen Xtreme we traveled from Denver, Colorado to Los Read More

Reflections on the Leadership Retreat

7 years ago Leighest 0
My name is Netanel Ashkenazi and I am a leader from San Antonio, Texas. We’re taught that a good leader creates followers, but a great leader creates more leaders. Throughout the weekend of the leadership retreat, we worked on our leadership roles, communicating skills, marketing, financing, and brainstorming ideas. From the moment we arrived at Read More
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