Best Weekend Ever By Moshe H Voronin

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For my experience at this year’s CTeen Shabbaton, I figured out my true identity. I made so many new friends; I now have friend requests every day on Facebook from teens that were at the event. I had the best experience going to this event.


Last year, I went to the Shabbaton 5773. My Rabbi asked me to go for the experience in learning about how Jews are and live. There was so much fun going on. The only bad thing was that I had a sprained ankle, so I couldn’t do much. I didn’t get to sleep well, I didn’t get to dance, and I didn’t even get to do anything on the boat ride besides watch. I was sad. Near December 2013, I planned to go to this year’s Shabbaton (2014). The only problem was money. Thankfully, there were sponsors that paid for all of it. I thank them in every way. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be typing this. Starting my day in Crown heights on Feb 28th, 2014, I went to a small synagogue to receive a bris. I am now proud to say my Jewish name is Moshe. Even though I was very tired from flying and waking up 6:40 A.M. for the bris, I was ready for the day. By the time Shabbos came along, I was so tired to the point I could barely stay awake, but I fought through it by eating, then passing out in the comfy bed my host provided for me.


In the morning, on Saturday, I was rested and ready for the amazing adventure waiting for me. I looked for my Rabbi most of the morning, only to figure out he was davening. He was actually looking for me to get called to the Torah to do the blessing, sadly I missed it. My group and the rest of Florida’s group went to my Rabbi’s parent’s home where we had Farbrengen. After Shabbos was over, we went to Time Square for the most amazing time in the world! Before the candles were lit, I was talking to them people inside the costumes that want money for a picture. Out of everyone I went up to and that came up to me, only one of them didn’t ask for a picture, it was a Jewish Joker. He didn’t even care about the money when he came up to me. He saw a Jew and we had a conversation. After having a great conversation with a fellow Jew, the candles were lit and we started to dance, sing, and party so hard that G-D could hear us over the busy streets of NYC.


I met two people that completely changed my view on so many things in a short bit of time. These people are Archie and Loryn. We had an educational talk. We ate, danced, sang, and partied like there was no tomorrow. They influenced me want to study the Torah. I am proud to say that I am studying a lot more since the trip than I ever have before. I plan to go around my town to find Jewish Teens to let them know what they are missing out. This trip has truly made me find my true self. I have been trying to do this for years! Just in three days, it came to me. I was sad to leave because all the excitement had happened in a short period of time. I wish it would of lasted longer. Oh, I almost for one more thing! I met Alex Clare!! I was next to him when he held the Torah. I guess you can say I was “Too Close” to him.


I want to thank all CTeens and readers. This experience jump-started my journey in Judaism.


-Moshe H Voronin (Daytona Beach, FL)