Be a Thermostat

6 years ago Leighest 0

A short anecdote for the beginning of the school year by Koby Lerner, CTeen S. Diego.

According to,  a thermometer is an instrument for measuring temperature while a thermostat is a device that functions to establish and maintain a desired temperature. Basically, a thermometer tells the temperature in a room while a thermostat controls the temperature.

I’m sure you’re wondering . . . why am I sharing this seemingly useless and obvious information?! Well friends, prepare to have your mind blown.

This whole thermostat/thermometer thing is a metaphor. When you return to school in a few weeks, we can be a thermometer, —a follower— and merely follow suit with the ‘temperature’ of school and of your classmates . . . or you can rise above the thermometer mindset and be a glorious thermostat. You can set the temperature. You can enact the changes we desire. If you are not content or fulfilled by the social groups or your school, then there is an easy solution . . . change the thermostat and the thermometer will follow ;).