Back to School… and CTeen!

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When summer comes to a close, it signals for many a return to school. For some, this also means that there are more great CTeen events to come as well.

It’s hard to believe that a year ago I was just helping to form my local CTeen chapter, and now I am entering my final year with the organization. Both my local group and CTeen as a whole have undergone rapid expansion over the past few years. Thus, I am very excited to see what the future holds for us.

This year, several children have graduated Chabad Hebrew School in my area and are looking forward to joining CTeen. I, along with current members of our CTeen group, can’t wait to show them the fantastic experiences which lie in wait! The coming months will be full of new lessons, trips, shabbatons, and of course, people. We will be participating in all sorts of activities, from a trip to Adventure Park to lectures about our history as Jews. The culmination, of course, of these trips is the International Shabbaton in New York, at which time Jewish teens from around the world come together to learn, engage in, and celebrate who they are. This event is simply spectacular compared to the others which make up the CTeen calendar.

The best part of the new year, however, is the interaction with other like-minded individuals. Through CTeen, you and I have the opportunity to meet other great people, to inspire and be inspired, and to have fun. I believe that this year will bring an abundance of such opportunities for everyone, allowing for us to infuse both ourselves and CTeen with overwhelming positivity.

Overall, I am optimistic about a year filled with new experiences, friends, and events. I can’t wait to see everyone again (and for the first time) and find out what CTeen has in store for this year!